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LeFou's Brew


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Has LeFou's Brew changed? I remember having it a few years ago and really liking it. It was like Disney's answer to butterbeer (and I mean that in a good way). I had it this June and it was not at all how I remembered it. It was just a lackluster frozen apple juice. Has the recipe changed or is the marshmallow part being skimped on?


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Last time I had it it still was the quality that was enjoyable. This was a year ago though. I did experience the butter beer recently at Uni for the first time and enjoyed the flavor and taste it delivered much better. LeFous brew IMHO falls behind in how it pleases the palate.
Now the cinnamon buns at Gaston’s tavern are to die for, especially with extra icing.


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I have it almost every trip and it's never changed. I didn't try it on my last trip in Feb of this year but had it in Feb of 2021.


We had it twice last week and all said that we thought it had definitely changed since the last time we had it in July 2019. Could barely taste any marshmallow in it this time and the foam that usually sits on top of it was a different consistency or wasn’t there at all.


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I was there earlier this month and the LeFou Brews we got were terrible. My wife and I think that they didn't mix/stir in the marshmellow flavoring, and the foam stuff on top was WAY too tart. It was like something went wrong with the mix. Our were undrinkable.


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I refused to go in there since they got rid of the pork shank.. That was insanely good!
100% agree on the pork shank...In a park where I have trouble finding things I really want to eat, that was a standout. I dumped out my LeFou's the one time I tried it. It was not good at all and really disappointed in comparison to butter beer.

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