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My wife and I are teachers and after this year, we decided to reward ourselves with a quick Disney trip after school gets out. We are going to be going the second week of June. I got a great airfare, but now I am looking for a hotel. We like to stay on property, especially because we have a 4 and 3 year old. My question is, do I take whatever deal I can find now? There are only a few hotels available on the Disney website. Or will I get a better deal or will more things open up the closer we get? Maybe it's different now because of Covid. Any help/guidance you could give me would be appreciated. Thanks.

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You probably should take whatever deal you can find now, I doubt it will get any better and more than likely harder to find. You may want to also check on park tickets and reservations for the parks if you have not already done so.
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With minimal resorts available and more people booking I'd be booking your resort NOW and take what you can get.
There's no word on when some of these resorts will reopen.
Also I'd be rushing to buy tickets and make park reservations because if you don't you won't be entering the parks.
You're what 7-8 weeks out at this point? Get on it!
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Book now and check back frequently. In the unlikely event that the room rate drops and you are outside of the cancellation window you'll be able to re-fare to the lower price.

Remember that Swolphin exists - if all the Disney properties are sold out/incredibly high priced. Also remember Hotel Plaza Blvd. and Bonnet Creek (which both offer bus service - not as frequent or reliable as Disney's - but it exists).
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We are going that same week and I looked to add another room the other day for my brother and sister in law, but nothing was open at the hotel we are at. Also, there are no passes for Hollywood Studios and almost none for Magic Kingdom (maybe only 2 days in the week have MK available). My brother/sister-in-law have decided to pass since it feels like its going to be tough to work out.

Good luck, and I hope some more availability pops up for you!
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I'd be booking NOW but also looking at sites like DVC Rentals or David's Vacation Club rentals. Often, those are better deals for last-minute shoppers. We've always gotten a better hotel deal through them than last minute. Also, definitely get your park passes and dining ressies NOW! If you can't get the reservations you want, don't hesitate to keep checking. Often, stuff opens up last minute. Good luck! 🤞
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Book what you can. If something reopens you can adjust. With the limited numbers and limited available spots you will be lucky to get anything. So many people who are getting their vaccs and rethinking the safety of travelling will be focusing on returning to WDW so the competition for rooms will only get more critical.
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