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Last minute Reservations help for large group! Please help so I don’t have to go to Universal


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We are going the 2nd week of July and we really want to do MK . Literally all the MK days were available for our whole week, Thursday now they aren’t anymore. However when I logged in, I was allowed to click MK and all I needed was to add the tickets to get a reservation. I would think a large company like Disney’s system would not let me click MK at all but who knows. There’s at at least 10 people going, maybe up to 20 but I’m only worried about the people in my house and my little cousins who we will be watching while their parents go on their anniversary trip. The others are playing around.

I really don’t want to go to Universal until Nintendo is built.


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Are you getting park hoppers? So far no park has been blocked from hopping in the afternoon
Yes I wanted to get park hoppers. We are supposed to be going for 2 days. I just panicked and wasn’t thinking about that because my plan was to go to AK first then crossover to MK at 2.
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