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Can I walk up to a Walt Disney World hotel and book a room for the night, or is everything via phone and website?

The website seems locked out of book any reservations (even though this morning most resorts had reasonable prices, they’re all greyed out now).

The phone is certainly not an option, as all circuits are currently busy.

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No you can't just walk up and book a night.
My guess is everything is greyed out since they are not accepting new reservations right now.
They are trying to get everyone out since they will be closed for a couple weeks.


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You used to be able to do that. They have signs at the entrance to the resort if rooms were available. If you are in the area and need a room, I would try it.


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The resorts are taking new reservations-just made one for 2 nights next week (a short stay prior to our timeshare reservation); the parks and most transportation are ceasing operations temporarily.

We did a walk up instant reservation a few months ago without issue.


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I had to book an extra night at the Grand Floridian when our flight was cancelled once. The front desk agent called reservations for me and gave me the rack rate, so I called myself and get some kind of deal for $399 (unheard of at the GF). I wouldn’t take their first offer as I was able to save about $300 calling the reservation center myself.

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