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Large maps of Walt Disney World which can be wall mounted


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Hi everyone

You know when people get maps of the world and put pins into all the places they have visited.

Does anyone know of anything similar for Walt Disney World? Preferably Retro looking?

Or is it not a thing?


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I don't know about all of Walt Disney World, but you can find framed vintage park maps.



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Yeah that is pretty much what I have been seeing everywhere else

The best I’ve seen is this one which I think with a bit of imagination could looks good.

red pins for parks, blue pins for resorts

food for thought


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The current Tiny Kingdom pin series for both Disneyland and Walt Disney World are some nice ways of doing this. You can buy a banner map and then collect the icon mini-pins to put on them.

Not cheap, as they are quite popular with pin collectors, but a very nice presentation.

Samples of the maps (there are a few released so far):


Samples of the pins on the map:


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