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Lagoon’s Primordial. Upcoming attraction


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Just wanted to talk about it. So since January Lagoon (located in Farmington, Utah) has been building its next ride, rumored to be called Primordial. They have some cool logos but does anyone have any rumors that could be talked about here (besides the fact that it could be a mountain ride, a shooting coaster, taller then Cannibal, not much of a thriller and a drop track)
I will be uploading a video at the end of November about it and I want some speculation from some other Theme Park enthusiasts.
Could it be that new ride system that ART engineering and Triotech are working on that is supposed to be a completely new coaster-shooter and Lagoon has stated that this new ride is going to be something knew, what do you think?


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Don’t know much of anything about this ride, but Lagoon has been doing some pretty cool stuff lately and I’m sure whatever this ends up being will be epic!
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