Ladies: Tell me your go to capri length leggings to wear at the parks

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I'm not a huge fan of shorts in general because they ride up my thighs.

So I've decided that this summer will be the summer of capri length bottoms.

I'm looking for suggestions for capri length leggings that are soft and not too compressive.
Looking to be comfy and cute not workout ready lol.

If you have suggestions for capri length denim and/twill pants that would be welcomed as well.


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I often have the same issue with shorts. For park wear, I like capris that are advertised as "hiking" apparel, as they are generally made from fabrics that wear well, don't wrinkle or fade easily, have a good degree of "stretch" even though the style looks structured, and are moisture-wicking. Some of them also have deep cargo pockets that are the right size for my phone and sunglasses if I want to go "bagless" to a park. I may not win any fashion awards, but I do stay cool and comfortable!

Here's are a couple of styles similar to ones I've had for years (also from L.L. Bean and Eddie Bauer, although mine are so old they're no longer made, LOL, so this is as close as I can come):
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