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Kona Cafe


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I am going to WDW in Sept. I have res. one night at the Kona Cafe. Lately I have read some bad reviews about this place. Have any of you been there. If so what is your recomendation.


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My wife loves the Pan Asian Noodles. I like the filet and the beef terriyaki. We have not had a bad meal there, just some slow service. The hot bread and macadamia nut butter they serve with the meals is awesome!

November Girl

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Never eaten there, but we have an ADR for November. The menu looks good, and we're looking forward to going down to the beach after dinner to watch the MK fireworks. PLus it will be cool to be in that Polynesioan atmosphere at night.


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I've always had good meals at Kona, breakfast, lunch and dinner. My favorite is dinner because Kona has some pretty decadent desserts and probably one of the best cups of coffee on Disney property! :)


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We had dinner at Kona in May. I actually think my husband enjoyed it more than Le Cellier, and that's one of our favorites. We had very good service, and the food was excellent. And we loved the macadamian nut butter that came with the bread.

I had the macadamian nut crusted Mahi Mahi, and my husband had teryiaki steak (or chicken, I can't remember exactly). My son enjoyed his meal from the kid's menu, and that even came with chicken noodle soup or a salad, and he got a make your own sundae for dessert.


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I've always been a bit underwhelmed by the dinner entrees (though the apps and desserts are great). Not bad, but not fabulous either. Breakfast and lunch are outstanding though - the pineapple macadamia pancakes are to die for, and the Big Kahuna burger is one of the best burgers on property.


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We ate there in April for dinner and just loved it! It is now one of our favorite places.

DH and I both had the beef teriyaki, and kids had kids meals. DS was 11 but they still let him order from kids meal because he really wanted a hot dog. He also loved the chicken noodle soup it came with. They both had the Kona cones for dessert....they thought they were awesome!

We had excellent service as well. DH and I have ressies for Sept trip for both breakfast and dinner.


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We eat there for at least one meal almost every trip and have never had a problem. They make DD a great double-decker grilled cheese sandwich (even though there isn't grilled cheese on the menu) and I love the beef teriyaki.


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We go to Kona on every trip to Disney. I have always felt that most of the restaurants on Disney property, that are Disney owned, have the same food, but Kona seems to be different.


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Kona Cafe has become a regular stop for us now on our trips. We enjoy the food and the break from parks for lunch or dinner.

No complaints here!


I had my rehearsal dinner for my wedding there. We usually eat there at least 2-3 times a trip as we always stay at the Poly and we've always been able to just walk up and get a seat immediately.

Love the food and the atmosphere. One of our favorites!


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We love it...for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Last time we were there for dinner I had the shrimp and scallops which were delicious. And don't forget the dessert-the white chocolate cheesecake is our favorite.

We go to Disney about 4 times a year and usually have at least one meal at Kona on each trip. And would you believe, our server remembered us when we were there in May. Now, that's impressive.

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