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Anyone got any idea what worlds will be in the next KH instalment?

I hope we have :-
Toy story
Sleeping beauty
Wreck it wralph


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Here's my list!
Worlds I want: Returning:
Lion King(Pride Lands...I'd love to see an original story but I'd be okay with some stuff from LK2)
Peter Pan(Neverland..shows events that happened on the Island)
Aladdin (Agrabah...Jafar is out for Revenge and maybe could see Aladdin's dad)
Pirates of the Caribbean (Port Royale but it shows events of second movie with Davey Jones as a final Boss)
Lilo and Stitch( Tropical Crash site Hawaii now)

Frozen( Frozen Mountain?? If it ends up being good!)
Tangled (Mystical Kingdom)
Wreck it Ralph ( Game Central or Ralph's Arcade)-Ralph's the partner. Boss is Turbo. Fun cart racing minigame should be here.
Toy Story (Andy's Room)-Sid is a larger than life boss with your second trip featuring Zurg and Stinky Pete
Incredibles (Nomanisian Island) Mr. Incredible is your party member here and you face off against Syndrome. Super hero costumes anyone???
Monsters Inc. (Monstropolis)- Randall would make for a cool boss
The Good Dinosaur (Prehistoric Continent)
Star Wars (Intergalactic Empire)-I'd assume you'd play alongside with Luke
Jungle Book ( Steamy Jungle)
Great Mouse Detective ( Streets of London ) Basil is your partner...Rattigan is your final boss. I want to see them as mice.
A Muppets Mini Game World? I suppose Pooh HAS to come back but it'd be nice to see the Muppets
Sword in the Stone (Camelot?)

An Original Disney World(for Mickey,Goofy,Donald Chip/Dale etc)
Either Tomorrowland OR Epcot with Figment
as your partner


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I also think having a themepark world would be a great idea! But as for worlds apparently noruma stated in a new interview he wouldn't oppose having anything from pixar, marvel, or star wars in the games. With star wars tying in the themes of light and dark would be more than easy same for some marvel villains too. And any pixar movie would be a great thing to see, walle, incredible's IM just excited for the potential


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If they make another one I just hope it makes more sense than the last one, which seemed to be based on The Matrix and had about 45 identical characters in black trenchcoats.

Also, it would be nice if the tutorial level was less than 16 hours long this time around.


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So, some moron has stolen around ten copies of KH3 and posted spoilers online, and illegally sold copies on Facebook! Watch out for leaked footage/images/spoilers.


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So far so good. No spoilers. Plan on 3 hours to get into the main part of the game, jokes about how long it took to come out, graphics and game play seem much improved, not sure how I like the new gummi ship

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My wife plays this. I mostly watch. But I do find this one more interesting, gameplay seems to be more than just spamming X, and having hidden Mickeys in it (sorry if that’s a spoiler, not much of one) makes spectating more fun, as I can help find them.

It’s no Red Dead though. That game is fantastic.


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Could've been better. I don't believe it stands up to the first two games. Also, the Frozen world was torture.
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