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Keep 50's Prime Time or Hunt down Fantasmic Package (at MM/H&V)?


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I'm planning my first trip to Disney with my family of 4 (kids ages 6 & 8) for July.

Today was my ADR day for my 10 day trip. I got everything I wanted except that on my Hollywood Studio's day I wanted to do the Fantasmic Package for Dinner at either Mama Melrose or Hollywood & Vine. It seems like there hasn't been any availability made for the day I will be there. At some point it looks like the package will be up for Reservation.

As a backup I booked 50's Prime Time. Honestly, if it wasn't for the Fantasmic seating 50's Prime Time was my preferred place to eat. It sounds like a fun atmosphere that I think my family would enjoy. We already have 3 other character meals (CRT, Chip n Dale Harvest Feast, Tusker House) so I don't think Hollywood Vine's character buffet is necessary and we already have an Italian place booked (Festival of Fantasy Dining Package at Tony's Town Square) and though Mama Melrose is probably better than Tony's I don't feel particularly inclined to dine there. I'm much more interested in 50's PT.

I'm considering leaving it alone and stick with my 50's Prime Time reservation. How difficult will it be to secure seating at Fantasmic with no priority? What are your thoughts?


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We love the 50's Prime Time. Their food/service used to be better, but it's amazingly themed - with a movie set touch.


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The dining package didn't show for me until a week after my 180 day mark, check back and they may be open then.


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50s Prime Time can be a lot of fun. Its a better choice than H&V, Mamas is a good dining spot, but 50's will be good dining too. We enjoy the food items, desserts and drinks. Ive found from past experiences there that your CM server will play along with you more if you show them youre into the routine. The Fantasmic stadium is huge, you wont have a problem getting a seat but the area you may get seated in might not be as centrally located. You basically get herded into the rows like cattle and they do try to make every available space get filled in. You may get a seat centrally located to sit or be sat more towards the sides. Its all how you get into the area at the time and directed by the CMs guiding you in. The reserved seats youd get are a bit better, centrally located, but still not premiere seating like you may be thinking youd get for the package deal.


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The dining package seating is the most central in the Fantasmic! amphitheatre, you might see that as a major advantage.
But you will probably be able to get it as a 4th/5th Fastpass anyway, or just standby.

This shows it quite well.


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