kanakos funny things she did at disneyland


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once in 2009, i took a stuffy of yuyuko from touhou on da haunted mansion. when the guy on the ride said "any volunteers" I held out yuyuko n said "yeah uh this one would like to be one"

i took a stuffy of toad from mario on mr toads wild ride and for the entire ride talked in the screechy toad voice. lol the hell scene was the best "HEY LOOK MARIO IM GONNA BEAT BOWSER" i am a sonic freak actually

so i brought my sonic stuffy i have had since 1993 on the autopia and space mountain I also brought him to test track at epcot in 2004 i was tryin to imitate jaleel white all those times cause I grew up with jaleel voicin sonic

i also once fell asleep on the jungle cruise make of that what you will hahaha

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