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Kali River Rapids vs Popeye & Bluto's Blige-Rat Barges

Better ride?

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Popeye's wins by a landslide because it's much longer, more fun, and it's theming is some of the best I've seen for a raft ride. Every single time I've ridden Kali I walk off thinking "Man that was short." Also it doesn't help that Kali seems to be closed for half the year nowadays.


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Popeyes is a better ride for length. That being said I like to get wet but not soaked to the bone. I could stand some more cooling off on Kali and less soaking on Popeye.


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Popeyes wins no challenge here. Kali once was ok to ride but has deteriorated. With Kali theres a chance you may get pretty wet depending on where you are sitting as the raft moves and how the water hits... but on Popeyes no one is safe from the deluge. Youre going to get soaked to the skin. Theres no escape, so when you ride you know youre getting off like a drowned rat.


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It pains me to choose Universal over Disney, but I have to say Popeye is way more fun and is one of the few water rides that I consider worth walking around soaked the rest of the day 😂


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I was a little shy to vote for Popeye on here, but then I saw it was the majority. I don't like Kali River Rapids - it's ugly! That's a ride I wish they would re-theme.


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Popeye’s by far. Always a guaranteed soaking/near soaking, which is really how a true rapids ride should be designed. Theming is fun and the ride is of solid length.

I don’t honestly remember the last time I bothered with KKR. You could nap through that thing and you wouldn’t miss anything.


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Kali is a disgrace. It literally is the worst rapids ride I've ever been on and then they nerfed any Disney story they put on that already miserable attraction.

Bluto's on the other hand, is the kind of thing you don't feel like you've ever experienced anywhere else. Top notch attraction that is a wild ride.

Soaking is just a matter of planning ahead. Pack some flip flops and a quick t-shirt and shorts in your bag and you're ready for the IoA water rides.. get soaked and change. If you had no clue and had wet shoes for the rest of the day, that sucks.. but easily avoided.


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Kali is a disgrace. It literally is the worst rapids ride I've ever been on and then they nerfed any Disney story they put on that already miserable attraction.

At least the queue for Kali is excellent!

But yes, it's not good. The original version was significantly better before they turned off and/or abandoned a bunch of the effects, but it was still far too short.


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Kali is a good example of a Pressler-era Disney attraction, which would not have been as much of a problem if AK had more of them to begin with.

This was the only ride in AK Asia between 1999 and 2006. I remember looking at the original park map, seeing the drawing of the land in construction with the "coming soon" blurb, wondering what might be there (maybe the dragon would be there!)?

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I actually love the queue and atmosphere of Kali, but the actual ride is pretty bad or at least not worth a long wait. It's over just when it seems like its about to start getting good, almost no actual rapids, and the one main show scene is mostly inoperable now. Another downside is you will either be almost completely dry or soaked. Ideally I would rather be somewhere in the middle and not have it be a gamble.
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