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Justice League (2017) Official Discussion


Upcharge $ Parking Fee Enthusiast
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Looks better than BvS.

erasure fan1

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It does look better, but batman v superman isn't a lofty benchmark. Unfortunately I'm just not that hyped for this DC universe. Maybe it's the similar approach to Marvel, bad guys from space, need a team to stop... WW feels like cap first avenger... Only the movies are just more dark. Of course it's hard to really judge till the movies come out. I got the same feeling when I saw the trailer for the amazing Spider-Man. It looked ok but I couldn't help but think, been there done that.


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Movie is looking at a $94 million opening day weekend. That would be the worst opening of any DCEU movie to date.

Man of Steel: $116 Million
Batman v Superman: $166 million
Suicide Squad: $133 milllion
Wonder Woman: $103 million

I think it will play better over the coming weeks than BvS, but I also suspect if this does not make the kind of money WB wants, they'll go back to simply making stand alone movies for these characters.


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Can I get any of my money back out of that $94 million?

Granted, it wasn't "absolutely terrible", but I certainly could have waited. :depressed:


Upcharge $ Parking Fee Enthusiast
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Saw it today. Quite frankly I enjoyed it allot. Could I find reasons not to like it, yes, but I dont proclame to be a wanna be internet film critic. Id see it again and will be buying it on 4K when it comes out.


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i thought it was just ok, but admit it was a better improvement over BVS. i did get a kick out of the end credits scene. brought back some memories.