Just what everyone wanted a Death Star Spaceship Earth


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So they have an X-Wing Fighter out in LA For the Premier of Rogue One....

Now I wonder why they can't Land an X-Wing out at Disney's Hollywood Studiooohhhhh Yeaahh..


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I thought the laser effect was neat. It looks to me like they mounted the laser in between the plates on the surface. It could be an optical illusion, but it looked to me in the video as if the laser was firing outward, not inward.

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WTH does that movie have to do with EPCOT Center?
Well, the options were rather simple: either use Spaceship Earth as a stand-in for the Death Star via digital projections and laser effects (and save a boatload of money in the process) and have everyone complain about it or construct a massive sphere just like Spaceship Earth at DHS (and waste a boatload of money) and make it look like the Death Star via digital projections and laser effects and have everyone really complain about it.

The majority of complaints are coming from people who, like me, saw it on the live stream. We saw it through cameras that weren't white balanced against SSE; they were balanced against the stage with the badly scripted people. Really, that was painful. But anyway, back to the Death Star... Through the eyes of those who were there, no doubt it was an impressive display of the Empire's soon to get kaboominated might.
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