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Just thought I’d share

I am Timmy

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How long did that take you? Why is it called "Big Fig"? It looks amazing, and I love the way the characters look. You must be very creative!


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It took me about two weeks, working mostly in the evenings. I’ve always been somewhat creative with the stuff I come up with. My wife just shakes her head. The Big Fig is what most who collect these fingers call them. It’s short for big figures. The all are around two foot tall with goofy being a little taller. This set is quite hard to find and when you do find them they are quite expensive or broke. They stand freely on the base and can be easily knocked over and broken. This group is limited to the year 1999

I am Timmy

Well-Known Member
What?! I had no idea that display was that huge! That makes it waayyy more impressive than I thought. I had to look at the pics again to realize it was taking up so much space. Could you post more pics, maybe backed up a bit or showing something next to it to show it's size? That is just incredible - are the figures porcelain or ceramic? Do you have them mounted so they won't tip? That is one heck of a collection, well done.