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Just got back...Caribbean Beach is a transport nightmare


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I am generally used to 20-30 minute waits at CBR for busses, but this recent trip went so far out of hand that I thought the bus system just stopped all rational use. On no less than 4 occasions, we had wait times of over one hour, including a whopping one hour and 40 minute wait that erased an entire EMH morning at the studios. No Studios bus, at all, from 7:20 AM until 9:02 AM...on an EMH day. A return trip from Epcot had a 1 hour 15 minute wait that ended in a very angry transport employee yelling into a radio that we had a nearly full pen and no busses.

I am not sure if this is an ongoing problem or something that is well known, but I would avoid CBR until the bus issue is figured out. It really wrecked many of our morning plans and became an ongoing issue throughout the week we were there. Not a very magical experience.


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We used the buses on one trip, just one and never again. Ever. We would wait 20 to 30 minutes for the bus in the morning, take the 30 to 40 minute trip stopping constantly, then filing out of the bus with a ton of others like a herd of cattle. We rent a vehicle now, stay on property so parking is free, and we get in the car and are at the parks within 20 minutes as opposed to an hour or more. And don't get me started on trying to leave MK at park close... We will never stay until MK closes again. It can easily be an hour and a half wait for the ferry, the monorail is always jammed up and so are the buses. However, at all of the other parks we are walking past those guests waiting for a bus and are probably back at our room before they are even out of the parking lot.


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Ugh! I am so sorry, OP. I presume it's a more recent problem, or a failure by WDW to respond to the summer upswing in crowds. We stayed at CBR last year (in the fall) and virtually never waited more than 10 minutes for a bus (and we took them to or from CBR at least 4 times per day). The wait times you describe are absolutely unacceptable. If it had been I, I'd have visited the [incredibly inconvenient] Custom House with some stern words for the management.