Just Confirmed!!!!


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Just received confirmation from DVC for our first trip to the world using our new DVC membership. We booked a 1-bedroom villa with a lake view at BLT for the first week of October 2011.

If anyone has any recommendations for rooms with better views or tips for some new DVCer's, we would greatly appreciate it!

We already have our APs, plan on attending Food & Wine and MNSSHP, and adding the dining plan so we don't have to carry cash.

This will be our first time at BLT and look forward to hearing "Welcome home!"


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Just wanted to say congratulations on becoming owners, and welcome home. I hope you have a fabulous stay and an amazing vacation!
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My co-workers is also a DVC member and always books his one bedroom Magic Kingdom view.... He says that it's great to wake up and see the castle and plus those start at higher levels so you can see some of the fireworks....Have fun!
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