just booked our honeymoon!!


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well i just got off the phone with marie from kingdom konsultants (highly reccomend her!!) and we finally booked our honeymoon! we are staying at the animal kingdom lodge from 8/18-8/26. anybody have any ideas on anything special to do? we are waiting to see whats going on with the free dining thing, but may purchase if our dates dont work out. do you think it would be worth it to purchase, if we are only going to be dining there for 5 out of the 8 days, but at some of the higher end places, like jiko and the yachtsman? any info would be helpful, thanx!! :D


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Congrats!!!! My wife and I honeymooned at WDW almost five years ago. It was great and I would do it all over again.

I recomend taking one of the evening fireworks cruises, not so much because its a cool view of the fireworks, but because its something thats different and you get a different perspective of whatever park you are in, or in front of. I highly recomend doing Cindi's for dinner and let them know you are on your honeymoon when you make your ressie. We got to sit in that little two person table in front of the window. They had confettie on the table and we got complimentary champagne flutes.

Have a great time! We sure did.


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We just booked at the Wilderness Lodge, and will be there the week of 8/12! We're pretty excited!


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Be sure to check out the night vision viewing of the animals at AKL. I believe it starts at 9. We usually head that way right after a wonderful dinner at Boma!

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