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Trip Report Just a quick blurb


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Just a quick trip blurb rather than a full-blown report. I do not think the step-by-step movements of two old farts like my DW and myself are very interesting.
My DW and I slipped away to WDW for a 5-night, 6-day get away trip. We did not tell our DS we were going, he is in college and gets envious of Disney trips without him and he keeps pointing out he will select the nursing home we end up in, but I digress.
My DW is a cancer survivor and I am finally getting mobile after knee replacement surgery. That said, we took it slow and moved at our own pace seeing the attractions we wanted. We visited all of the parks saw some new attractions and many old favorites. We noticed that the parks were very crowded for this time of year or so it seemed.
We had a very nice time; we stayed at the Yacht Club this was a first for us staying in the EPCOT resort area as we always stay in the Magic Kingdom resort area. It was a very nice resort. The room was clean and comfortable. The cast members very helpful and friendly. We noticed less “hussle-bussle” at the YC than at the monorail resorts maybe even less than at the Wilderness Lodge. We enjoyed the pool and access to the Boardwalk and the World Showcase, which is where many of our favorite restaurants are located.
My DW’s high point was afternoon tea at the Grand Floridian. Every trip we each get to pick a special meal/event. When we were planning the trip to my horror, she picked the T-rex restaurant. After some discussion, she change to afternoon tea. During tea she “fessed” up that tea was her first pick and through it would be easier to get me to agree if she picked the migraine inducing T-rex first. Yes, my DW can play me like a violin. My special was simple, a drink at Victoria Falls and Dinner at Boma. I always have a hard cider, boring I know and my DW always has a Victoria Falls Mist. Dinner at Boma only needs two words, zebra domes. Our other “big” dinner was at the Yachtsman Steakhouse where we split the 32oz porterhouse steak. The desserts selection at Yachtsman was underwhelming so after dinner we went for a walk around the world showcase and had an iced latte at the showcase plaza.
We got home mid-week, put away our suitcase, did laundry, and got back into our daily routines. Our DS just came home for a weekend visit and said, “So what have you guys been up to?” My DW and I both responded, “Not much just the usual.”

Tony the Tigger

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Very nice! Thanks for sharing. We love those splurge meals also.


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We always loved those escapes without the kids. Ours were usually just a weekend or so, but just nice to be able to get time together without worrying about keeping everybody happy. Now that we have grandkids, we're back to schedules. lol


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What a nice getaway trip you both had. A leisurely-paced visit can be just as much fun as a more energetic one. They're just two different experiences, but both have their high points. Thanks for sharing! :)


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Sounds like a great time! I like your wife's tactic in scheduling the tea....I would never do such a thing to MY husband. Hehe. ;)
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