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Jurassic Park Rollercoaster Coming To Universals Islands Of Adventure?

Tom Morrow

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Like I said previously, the Jurassic World overlay is actually fine with the exception of that very lame tank scene at the beginning.

Instead of the gates opening to a grand reveal (albeit with sub-par and scarce dino-animatronics - this could have been updated), you begin with... a tunnel. With screens. The mosasaurus isn't all that convincing looking and the scale is off. Worse - if you're paying attention to your spatial awareness, it makes no sense for this supposedly massive tank to be there. It would extend far beyond the loading area you were just in. It reeks of the less... creative side of Universal Creative that goes with cheap flashiness over substance.

Wasn't the tank only added at USH to hide pre-existing sightline issues at USH?
I don't know, but I hope so.
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Wow, 2021 is going to be a great year for coaster lovers. Disney and Universal just do them so much better. I’m going to have to plan a trip!
Don't forget this one. It's a contender. Not much theming, but DANG!

Or this one. It's like Slinky and VelociCoaster had a love child that they shipped of to the Coast Guard.

2021: The Year of The Coaster

Are both Tron and Guardians on track for 2021?

And as far as the River Adventure redo, I would put the Mosasaur screens in one of the rooms in the VelociCoaster queue after the Dr. Wu in the lab preshow scene. Maybe even do it like a shark tunnel. And bring the rest of the JWTR redo to JPRA but switch the arch to JW and give us a new Ultrasaur.
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I hate that they ruined the backside of the Discovery center with this new roller coaster. While the coaster looks like it will be really great- I think it is way too jammed into the whole area.


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Can anyone tell if they're using the trim? It looks like it's stopping a lot of its momentum at the top but it could just be physics...

Generally initial test runs are "full out" runs that don't utilize any trims, full speed ahead for the entire course. It looked to me like it went over the top hat faster than I expected. Now that they know the train (presumably) completes the circuit and everything at the base level works, I wouldn't expect many more test runs for a while while they finish up everything else.


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OMG! Something, something, something "cheap azz" something "six flags" something "unthemed parking lot steel abomination" something something "assault to the core of themed entertainment", something something "APOCALYPSE!!!!!" Something something "Universal SUX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Can't wait til they get the show scenes installed..... ;)

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