Jurassic Park Rollercoaster Coming To Universals Islands Of Adventure?

We've seen this video from others on IU (Taron ride), haven't we? And I think I read the original date would be 2020, but now some are hinting more at 2021 for this ride?
Yea so if it's supposed to start construction in August 2019 (after the new Potter coaster opens), then it could be likely August 2020 when it would open, or maybe into 2021.

Surveying markers have been found by regular park-goers throughout the JP section of the park as well, so hopefully that's a good sign!

Andrew Appleby

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We're hoping for a family trip in Aug 2020 and my 2 kids LOVE JP. Hope the land and current ride will still be open and operational.


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Not another coaster.

What is going on with this Universal creative team? If it's not screenz, they just make high adrenalin roller coasters. Are they incapable of making a top tier family attraction anymore?

It's another budget cheap attraction that belongs at Six Flags, not Universal.

Since Diagon Alley, their creative team has really let down the parks.
Hi Darlene


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Alistair, eh? No more Instagram thot? So whose identity is it going to steal this time? My bet's on some dude with a handlebar moustache.

I'm starting to wonder if they get paid by the mouse for every account they create on here. They're certainly not receiving a bonus for being inconspicuous.
Sadly, I think this one is in it for the pathetic joy of trollin'.

Corey P

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Something is finally happening. The timing does make sense. An attraction a year isn't a bad pace. I really wanted to see Mario underway but>>>>>

Andrew Appleby

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The timing makes sense. Potter coaster for this year, JP coaster for 2020.
We're looking at returning to UOR in August 2020 what do people think the chances of the new JP coaster AND the current JP ride being open? My kids are big fans and would be gutted to miss out on either.
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