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Jungle Cruise to get holiday overlay

Master Yoda

Pro Star Wars geek.
Premium Member
I've always wondered way they don't do IASW Holiday at WDW. It doesn't change the message of the ride it moves it into a holiday's of the world context. Plus you get IASW and the Holiday Medley in different languages instead of one song over and over.
Simple reason. They do not feel that it will spin the turnstiles enough to offset the cost.


Well-Known Member
I guess it sounds nice, but I hate that they start holiday stuff in November. So sick of xmas on everything in November. This year, we have to go in November, and I am already irritated at all the xmas stuff. I seem to be in the minority though, and I can appreciate locals and ap'ers, who go several times a year, really enjoy all the decorations.

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