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Jungle Cruise Re-Imagining


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Jennifer Tilly said the same thing when the Haunted Mansion movie came out that she'd be replacing Toombs/Audley. An actor can be just as unreliable as a bus driver.

And while movie additions wouldn't surprise me, I can't imagine a total overhaul. Maybe a replacement of the headhunting tribe with some new movie-inspired setpiece and putting a Skipper Dwayne figure there, but otherwise leaving the rest be.


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Kinda doubt this'll go anywhere (was this even rumored before?) but it really depends on how it's done.

Upgrading the animatronics to look more lifelike, giving it a fresh coat of paint, and bringing over Tokyo's nighttime lighting? Sounds great, even if they slap The Rock and friends in somewhere.

Just putting in The Rock or changing the ride drastically? I'd really rather not.


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This is hard, on one hand if the movie is successful we have to endure the IP Jungle Cruise and if the movie bombs Disney will probably do the ol' rip and replace...

I don't want either. I LOVE THE JUNGLE CRUISE. This is my favorite ride. I don't mind updates, i can stomach a few movie tie ins, but if this becomes a IP nightmare (I am looking at you Malestorm) I may just give up all hope.


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This concerns me, as most modern Disney projects do. I adore the Jungle Cruise but it does need some fresh life breathed into it. Something respectful and effective. I can only hope that whatever they do enhances the attraction in the right ways. Footage of The Rock running around the temple projected onto a screen would kill that attraction. So for now, I'll reserve judgement. But I'm weary.


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According to Dwayne The Rock Johnson who is appearing in Disney's Jungle Cruise movie, Disney and Imagineering are going to re-imagine all of the Jungle Cruise attraction in Disney parks. No word on timeline.

This doesn't atuomatically mean that The Rock would be added to the ride. It could be a different kind of update to tie it with the movie, or not.

...or they could just be adding The Rock.

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