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Trip Report July Trip SSR, MK, & DHS

****1st if you plan to go and want to skirt, bend, or disregard the mandatory mask rule please do yourself and ALL of us a favor stay home. The safety of others around you are in jeopardy. You are also putting the CM’s lively hoods in jeopardy as well*****

We are a family of 7 (5 kids) ages 12, 10, 6, 4, and 13 months. ALL of our kids work masks at the parks and around the hotel with no issues.

As adults you can too.

If you are coming with kids prepare them now wear them around the house, go outside get them used to it.

***Trip report**

This is our 2nd time back since WDW opened we were at OKW over the July 4th weekend for 4 days.

We’ll an end of a great 4 day trip to SSR with a day at the MK and a day at DHS.

Let’s get started with the parks. Yes it was hot outside no question it’s a typical Florida summer.

We are locals Platinum Plus APH and Pass holder since 2012 so seeing crowds this low even lower when a hurricane is approaching is crazy. These crowd levels are actually scary low to see.

I will repeat what two news channels reported a few weeks ago Disney is doing it right if only the rest of the state and country had Disney’s resources.

I feel so much safer at WDW then I do my local Publix 11 miles away.

1st hand sanitizer stations at the entrance, exit, and middle of each ride line.

Hand washing stations all over the parks.

Plexiglas dividers up on rides and when purchasing items.

CM’s walking around wiping down hand rails, door handles, tables, chairs, trash cans (boots have been removed from cans), rides, spraying of seats.

Rides we were spread out nobody 1-2 rows behind or in front of us at times we had cars all to our selves.

Wait times at the MK and DHS the wait times posted we found we padded.

MK on 7DMT it said 30 minutes we were on in 18 minutes the majority of the wait are the extended lines due to distancing markers but all moved quick.

Everyone had masks on we saw nobody except little kids under 2.

Splash mountain said 35 minutes we were on in 20 minutes.

Rides we rode on at MK. We arrived at 9:30am

7DMT x2

Dumbo x2

Pooh x2

Barnstormer x 2



Splash Mountain

Our suggestion ride an outside ride, then an inside ride to cool off.

Mickey and Minnies Runaway train said 45 minutes we made it on in 30 minutes, in the evening it said 10 minutes we walked right on.

Slinky the dog same thing if ready 35 minutes we made it on in 20, at night it said 10 minutes we walked right on.

TSM said 15 minutes we walked right on.

ROR- group 39 we boarded at 2:35 off by 2:55.

The busses were empty the most we had with us was 8 others most of the time it was 2-4.

DHS rides we rode


Rode Mickey’s and Minnie Runaway Railroad

Slinky the dog

Toy story mania x3

Alien’s x 3

Our girls built 3 Droids


Came back just after 6

Built 4th Droid

Slinky x4

Toy Story Mania x3

Mickey & Minnies Runaway Railroad x 1

The resort
The resort SSR we opted for The Grandstand because of the splash pad, the quiet pool, and a quick walk to the main building.

Our room 8127 was ready at 9am we arrived by 9:21. Our AC stopped working so they moved us to the room next door 8135.

The main pool is open from 9-9 we went to the quiet pool after and swam for 2 hours.

Food selection is very limited this is the 1st time we opted to bring food because of it. We normally do the dining plan. We learned our lesson on July 4th weekend when we had super limited choices over at OKW.

Our next trip is Labor Day weekend 4 days at the Riviera in a 2 BR then back to SSR in a 2BR in October.


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Wow, it sounds wonderful with the low crowd capacity! I've heard almost all positive comments on how Disney is handling their parks so I was glad to read that you had such a great experience too!


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Original Poster
Wow, it sounds wonderful with the low crowd capacity! I've heard almost all positive comments on how Disney is handling their parks so I was glad to read that you had such a great experience too!

Yes with both trips Disney is doing everything they can, some guests are thinking they can skirt the rules but don't realize they will ruin it for everyone else. If my small kids and spend 8 hours in the park with a mask on adults can too. If an adult cannot get a scooter or wheel chair if you want to come...

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