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Pre-Trip July 2022 Is OFFICIAL !! Time to spoil the Granddaughters !!!

Hello all ! A newish member here that has lurked for quite a while and posted a few times. I have enjoyed all of the pre-trip and trip reports and thought I might as well add my own over the next year as we prepare for our two granddaughters first ever visit in July 2022. I am sure it will not be as detailed and nice as most on here but I will give it a go........ be kind. HAHA

We have been to Disney a few times over the last 10 years or so and actually I have been twice in the past year. We went for our 20th wedding anniversary in November 2020 (I will post a few pics below) and when we decided to take our daughter, son in law and granddaughter to the beach in May, I made the executive decision to take our youngest son to Disney for a couple of days since he had never been to Galaxy's Edge or any of that. So that one was just a guys trip (A few pics below)

Fast forward to now and we have decided to take our 2 granddaughters for their first ever trip. We got the necessary approvals from the kids and we are now booked at Caribbean Beach for July 2022. The countdown has begun. We decided to hold off telling them because they really have no idea of time and we felt telling them this early might be a bit of a letdown. We did decide to make it a cool surprise for our oldest and I have begun sending her little gifts as hints. She does not know they are from us. The plan is to get her a Disney suitcase and stuff it full of all kinds of things she will need for the trip. That will be her Christmas gift and we will reveal the surprise then. We are waiting to see how to best break the news

So here are the ones involved. Jimmy and Linda (married almost 21 years from Waxahachie, Texas), Harley (10 years old from Houston), and Caroline (6 years old from Atlanta)


Jimmy and Linda on our anniversary trip


Linda and Caroline at the beach while the boys were at Disney !


Harley and her first little surprise/hint. She has no idea what's going on and told her mom that she was thankful someone sent her something but she has no idea why.

more to come ......................


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Here are a few from the anniversary trip...


Traveling during the pandemic


Food and Wine 2020 !


Scavenger hunt !!


MK in the rain


Our happy place


The Holidays !


On top of Everest


The Force was with us as we scored a boarding group !


My gunner was a little off on her aim LOL


Outside Aruba at Caribbean Beach


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Thanks everyone ! Here are a few of the guys 3 day trip while the girls were at the beach. Our son plays soccer at Concordia University Texas in Austin so this was a good getaway for him........ and me.


before heading to drop the girls off we stayed a night in New Orleans. Absolutely one of our favorite places to visit.


We had a visitor at Caribbean Beach wanting some bacon on the first morning


on the Skyliner headed to DHS with a Group 12 boarding and an appointment to build a lightsaber


Epcot was looking beautiful the day we were there


Mission Space ! Hard to get a pic but we managed


We tried out food from each country. What about drinks ? We will keep that to ourselves :)


He loves getting his picture taken......


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Never to early to plan! Hard to keep it in isn't it! We are planning a trip next Fall (2022) with some good friends and their boys for their first trip! Soon will be looking for DVC points to rent (11 month out window) ... At least every week Disney is getting back to normal!


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Awesome...!!! :)
We live, literally, 5 mins. down the road from the Concordia Campus, and I remember the days when it was located pretty much in downtown Austin...!!! ;)
I played varsity soccer in HS, but, never went to college.
Lookin’ forward to your upcoming TR...!!! :)

We also have a trip with our two granddaughters (one 2.5 years, and the other due in early July) for November of this year...can’t wait for those memories...!!!!!!! :joyfull::inlove::happy:
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Well, here is the newest update with our second little "surprise" for her. We are really playing off the "Magic" aspect with our sayings and we are planning on going down the Disney Rabbit Hole for some more obscure gifts the next few months. She loved Cruella though so we wanted to get her something from the movie.

Harley Cruella.jpg

Thanks everyone ! Will keep adding to the post as we go along this process !


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The latest update ! Sent the next gift and she was awake early (check out the hair HAHA). She is now convinced her "Lindy" (What she calls her grandmother) is obsessed with Disney ! She still has no idea what it all means so we will keep sending clues. This has been a fun adventure every 3 or 4 weeks and also trying to find the gifts to send.

Harley Disney 4.jpg

Until next time ! Everybody have a MAGICAL Day !!

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