Journey Into Imagination With Figment To Be Replaced With An Inside Out Attraction?

Hank Hill

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I never had the chance to see the original ride. From videos it seems if it was still there, it would be pretty outdated and sad. The redo was not all that impressive either, even if they had used Dreamfinder. The whole pavilion is pretty sad and uninspired right now. I am really surprised with all the other work being done and legitimate rumors of changes elsewhere, that changing this ride and pavilion has no hard plans or rumors.


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So, we're bringing back Cranium Command (sans Buzzy)?

Scott Adams

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I say forget Inside Out and bring back Dreamfinder! Figment has been lost without him. Who else agree?!!
1000% 👍🏻
It was disappointing when they went with Nigel and almost no sign of Figment. When people were upset with the lack of Figment, EPCOT ended up with Figment overload....stuck in every possible corner.

For the love of creativity, can't we just get an updated story based on the original that everyone loved with the Dreamfinder?

erasure fan1

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scott adams said:
For the love of creativity, can't we just get an updated story based on the original that everyone loved with the Dreamfinder?
Wait, you want the company that brought us the live action Aladdin, beauty and the beast, dumbo, lion king, petes dragon... to be creative? I think there's a better chance of uncle remus being added to splash mountain.


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As what I’ve heard is that Disney might want to replace Journey Into Imagination With Figment with an Inside Out attraction. If this is true and it happens, I know many would be badly hurt by this, because this is the only attraction with Figment and some might be glad because it’s replacing this poor ride.
Imagine if they put Figment in the ride with the other characters? Pretty unlikely but it could happen.

Who knows what the Imageworks would become? It could have the same fate as the original Imageworks (upstairs). The original Imageworks will become something someday.. I know it.

I’d like to know your thoughts on this and which of the attractions you prefer.

-Steamboat Brody
That proposal is evil!


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Does Inside Out move merchandise? There's your answer. It doesn't. Figment does.

Their best option for Inside Out was re-doing Cranium Command and putting it there, as a show. And keep the meet and greet. I'd still love that to be done but it doesn't at all seem likely (and was never more than fan wishing). Ironically we're getting the PLAY! pavilion where the Cranium Command theater is and .... nothing? I think the time has passed (for now) personally, for Inside Out to have a major dark ride. JMO. However, I still wouldn't be shocked if they found a way to tie Inside Out with Figment. But they could have already been doing that. Not to mention Imagination and Mexico are on the 3D display inside the Epcot Experience. Just because nothing was announced last year doesn't mean nothing is happening there ... IMO.

Their best bet is banking on Figment's merchandise sales and they should have found a way to give us a series or a movie, JMO. We didn't need Pete's Dragon remade, we needed a Figment and Dreamfinder movie based on the comics that were popular. They don't seem to want to leverage him, but he works as Epcot IP. They know it. We know it.

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