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I got this from a Figment Website...

I recently spoke with a Disney source directly that gave me the inside scoop as to what is happening at JII. Here's what we know IS happening...
1.) One Little Spark theme song is returning.
2.) DreamFinder is NOT returning.
3.) Original ride track as it is now is not being altered.
4.) The story line of the ride will be that Figment is going to take over control of the ride shortly after it begins. You will ride through existing sets that will make up Figment's house. The final scene will have many Figments, some animatronic, others will be stationary.
5.) Budget for the makeover is $30 million.
6.) Still supposed to open Summer 2002.
FYI: The original Journey Into Imagination was redone because of a contract between Kodak and Disney that stated the ride would be redone in the year 2000. The original JII was not discontinued because of lack of interest.


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Nice of Disney to change a popular and entertaining ride into a piece of junk just because they contracted themselves into it. I trust the Imagineers will come up with something a little better this time.




Two tiny wings
eyes big and yellow
horns of a steer
but a loveable fellow
from head to tail
he's royal purple pigment
and there--voila--
you've got a FIGMENT!


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$30 Million doesn't sound too shabby for a make over. Dreamfinder seemed kinda creepy to me anyways.

I haven't heard anything good about the new attraction.

How did they "shorten" the track?


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Another thing the newsletter mentioned.....The Figment that was removed from the Dream Catcher that was put up for auction on eBay (remember they took the Figment out of the auction?) is apparently making his way back to Epcot, to the new ride.
I'm still kinda unhappy they didn't add back the track they took out, but hey, I guess beggars can't be choosers.:drevil:


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it's about time they fixed that atrocity!!! up with figment! down with "nigel channing"/eric idle...don't get me wrong, i love eric idle and monty python, but there's nothing quite like figment

one little spark of inspiration
is at the heart of all creation



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I didn't move to Florida until after the origial attraction closed. I know I will never see the first show, but all I hear is it was a longer track and a better show. Can somebody post details why the original was so good? for those of us who never saw it!

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