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Josh D’Amaro To Participate In The JP Morgan Global Technology, Media & Communications Conference


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Actual Cruise:

Josh: 5 ships, 3 more coming.

40% of those on our ships say the only reason they would chose to cruise is because Disney.

Q: It's expensive, is the brand worth it?

Josh: Yes. We provide a lot extra on board. Guests are very satisfied.


President of Animal Kingdom
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What drives growth for Disney?

Josh: [basically: we're *that* good]. Josh says their gaming IP is really good. Gives an example of... just one. <rolls eyes>


President of Animal Kingdom
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Should Disney license or make their own games.

Josh: Licensing has worked well. [me: leaves out that Disney failed over and over again to do their own games]


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Me: softball questions, no followup, no probing.

Painful. I was screaming (not literally) at the feed with multiple follow up questions I wanted him to ask.

It was a chummy love in.

With Starcruiser: So what went wrong? Obvious question, went completely unasked.

He asked the question about 'is new IP coming to the parks from both DMED and also original IP'. Josh avoided the original IP bit, and the interviewer just moved on.

Interviewer asked Josh specifically about customers finding planning a WDW trip 'hard work'. Interviewer even said he finds it hard work personally. Josh waffles about WDW being a big place, and completely swerves the question. Interviewer moves on...

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