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Jedi training


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Do we have to have the children present to sign them up for Jedi training? If we aren't going to be at the park until afternoon, can I just run in there real quick in the morning by myself to sign up the kids while everyone else is still back at the room?

Greg H

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We had to have our two kids present at sign up when we did this back in May. It was pretty brutal as the line was almost an hour wait. I would definitely get there as fast as possible in the am...


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Any kids participating do have to be there with you. We got in the security check line about 30 minutes before Rope Drop and ended up with an early afternoon time.

There will be a wait to sign up, even after you get in to the park, so be prepared for that.

Master Yoda

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Yes, and they will not make an exception. I saw someone try and fail to sign their kid up without them nearly every time my kids did it.

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