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James Cameron, Avatar, Alien 5 and more


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Sigourney Weaver was recently interviewed. During it, she commented on the upcoming Avatar sequels and the shuttering of Neill Blomkamp's planned Alien film by Fox. https://screenrant.com/alien-5-blomkamp-james-cameron-sigourney-weaver/

It's fair to say that when the acquisition is finished, James Cameron will have considerable clout and influence at Disney. They will own everything he has made with the exception of Terminator and T2 (though, to be fair, they will only own Fox's share of Titanic, while Paramount continues to own the other share). Disney will want the Avatar sequels to succeed and especially continue to add to Pandora with the passing of time. And of course, Jim will not change his mode of operation just because it's the House of Mouse. He will be strident and even combative if the studio, or more specifically Alan Horn, tries to throw a monkey wrench in the works. So, if he goes to Disney and tells them that he really wants them to revive Blomkamp's film and have it done, they certainly will be listening.

If he does that, where does it stop? Do you foresee Jim also confronting Disney head on about their recent decisions, such as regarding James Gunn, and throwing himself into the fight?
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