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It's Tough to Be a Bug closing for a week long refurbishment April 2017


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Maybe they'll think of new ways to terrify me.

Seriously, of all the attractions at WDW (and maybe anywhere), this is the one where I just can't keep my cool. ;)
Man I'm with u there. From the black widows to the stingers to the poison to the scurrying at the end! Ewwww!


You would not have lasted 2 minutes in Alien Encounter. Lol
My first time on Alien Encouter, I was seven. I went in there against my better judgment, my dad had talked it up as the only real live alien ever captured and it was right here on Earth. Naturally, I bought it hook, line, and sinker. Funny when you're a grown up, not so funny when you're a kid with an alien phobia. Came out of there sobbing, my mom fuming, and my dad probably wanting to get away from us both. :hilarious:

At least with It's Tough To Be A Bug, you're not restrained in your seat, feeling trapped on AE was the worst part.
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Why would anyone want this to close? It's a great attraction and one of the best 4d shows on property

It is, but I think some would like something even more fitting than this for the Tree of Life. Not that it's a bad attraction. I'd hate to lose it but I'd also love to see something else put in the theater that celebrates Animal Kingdom. But it's a great attraction.

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