It's Official: Bugs Land closing Sept 4th.

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What are the odds that Marvel Land will be as charming as Bugs Land? Ok that’s a rhetorical question. Very low. I welcome some new thrill rides and ride systems but don’t have much interest in Marvel. In addition, I don’t have a lot of faith in what the land will end up looking like.
You’re not excited for a land where the exterior for Mission: Dumpster Dive finally fits in? Industrial land is going to be great.


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Why not just transplant all of A Bugs Land to Pixar Pier as is?
Well they are transporting flik's flyers to become emotional whirlwind (best name ever by the way).
I'm actually really surprised they aren't transporting it's tough to be a bug as well, that was the land's one e-ticket and the only attraction worth going to over there.

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Fun fact: one time my gf tried to convince me that DL didn't have bugs because she had never seen any. 2 minutes later we entered the building for Buzz Lightyear and I pointed out a dead cockroach on the floor.
I had one land on my shoulder in the Emporium :arghh:

A stranger pointed it out to me.

No one in my family would get it off of me. :arghh::arghh::arghh::cry::(

I freaked out.

Merchandise was at risk.

I didn't care.


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Proving once and for all that Disney forum fans eventually become slightly nostalgic for anything.

"We'll miss you Poultry Palace!!! :cry:" - WDW Forum user September 9th, 2027.
Bugs Land left much to be desired as far as attractions go (although ITTBAB was great). However, based on some of WDI’s recent work, there is a strong chance that Bugs Land has better place making than Marvel Land. Then there is also the issue that Marvel Land still feels like a very vague concept. So far the rumor is some sort of College Campus for Hero’s/ brewery with GOTG: MB sitting in the middle of it? Ya, no.
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