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Pre-Trip It's Never Too Early to Start a PTR, Right?!?

Exciting news!! We're going on another cruise! It just won't be until 2021!

We have promised the kids that we would take them each on a trip as a graduation present, and Logan is finishing up his sophomore year. If you have read any of my other PTRs or even trip reports, you know that I am a planner! I have been on his case to decide what he may want to do so we can 1) start saving money, and 2) I can start researching. He has finally decided that he wants to go on another cruise. He took a few days to decide if he wanted an Alaskan itinerary or a tropical itinerary. He finally decided on a tropical trip. Now we just have to wait for the 2021 itineraries to be released to decide if he wants a longer Caribbean trip or a shorter, but possible Castaway Cay double dip Bahamas trip.

Who: Me (Amy), Brian, Logan (16 now), Lily (14 now), and Owen (11 now)

Here I am with the kids on the last cruise we took in 2014:

Unfortunately, Brian ended up not being able to go on that cruise, so he and I took one later that year.

Needless to say, we have all changed significantly since then!!
Here are the kids on our trip to Universal last year:

And at WinterSummerland last year:

I feel like they all have changed a ton just since last year, too!
Here they are at the zoo on Easter this year:

Logan has had a busy spring with track! (He's the one in the navy!):

Lily got a ukelele for her birthday and was thrilled!

Owen just broke his wrist playing soccer:

And here are Brian and I sitting at one of the many rainy track meets this year:

Unfortunately, I won't have anything to update for quite some time, but I was so excited and wanted to share with you guys!!

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