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It's great to be on vacation but what is it about WDW that gives you the most joy?


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My joy comes from the faces of my 2 kids as they walk around the various parks or our resort. We took them for the 1st time in October 2016 and will be returning in March. Those who say young kids dont remember are misguided. My kids were 2 and 4 at the time we first went and they still talk about that trip to this day.

Sans Souci

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Dressing up for a sig meal with my husband. 😍


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For me it’s being able to be kid again. I put on mouse ears eat junk and have fun. No work, bills or real world stress.No other vacation spot has given me that feeling.

Big Phil

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I would say just the escape. Few vacation spots can do this for you like WDW. We can all go to the beach in the Caribbean, nothing wrong with that, but it is literally far away from everything. WDW is right next to everyday life and yet it seems so far away. Lots of other things too, the music, the atmosphere, the customer service. Nothing beats it.


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The escape from the "normal" and staying in a place thats magical. Growing up we managed to get to Disneyland every 4 years or so, and it still has that same pull. But WDW was just a fabled dream for me until I began working there in 2006. Even after 5 years, it was still an escape from the mess that is the outside world.

Last year was the first time I'd been able to do a short vacation and stay on property, and it was fantastic how much of the "hassle" of vacation that it saved, and cant' wait to do it again (9 days!!). While for me the trips are now "working trips" it's still incredibly fun and relaxing. I'm already driving my wife nuts with the music and stories.


I had visited the parks previously as a child and teen, but nothing prepared me for the joy my boys experienced seeing and being there for the first time. My oldest is autistic and focuses on the technicalities and construction of the rides, but is able to suspend reality enough to enjoy them when he rides them. Then, on the other side of it my youngest was enamored with meeting all the characters and having the freedom to be nothing but a kid in an amusement park. Both my wife and I vowed that if we were able to go we would do a trip that our parents couldn’t do for us, and we are thankful that we were able to provide a no-holds barred experience for our boys and live vicariously through them. Also, I am a Star Wars nerd so that was something special to see my youngest complete the Jedi trials. I second the thoughts of many posters here, no worries about politics/bills/everyday life for a few days. And I am very thankful we are able to experience this bit of Americana and plan a return trip as a family.


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Getting on the monorail and hearing “Please stand clear of the doors” followed by “Por favor mantengase alejado de las puertas”. Last words I hear before reaching the Magic Kingdom!
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