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It's great to be on vacation but what is it about WDW that gives you the most joy?


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Driving into the property and seeing the big WDW sign. Walking into the lobby of a resort we've never stayed at before. Relaxing on the water taxi as we cruise down the Sassagoula. Walking onto MSUSA on our first park day, and getting that first glimpse of the castle. Eating turkey legs and churros and Dole whips. Spending time with my family without having to worry about work, school, laundry, groceries. Wondering what animal we might see that we've never seen before on KS. Seeing or hearing something that reminds me of my first trip to WDW 29 years ago with my late grandmother. Re-riding the Peoplemover 4 times in a row without getting off. Singing along with my daughter on CoP. And, soon to add to this list, being able to be there when someone experiences WDW for the first time and watching their reactions (we are taking our teenage niece to WDW for her first time in November).


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Eating Mickey Ice Cream Sandwiches


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I've always loved the Disney "smell". Main street in the morning when the ground is still a bit wet. Popcorn. Walking past (who am i kidding?) Stopping at the churro stand.
Disney has a lot of WDW unique smells.
So much fun.
Last week we were on an old escalator and my wife and I looked at each other and said in unison, "mmmmm Space Mountain".


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Riding POTC and the smell of that ride and having the family enjoy a family ride. Other than that...We always have joy at WDW or DLR


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The music that follows you throughout the park and the smell of the water! Can't beat Disney water in recognizable smell (although the taste doesn't bring as much joy).


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On PotC, the root that you see "growing" from the foundation as you go up the speed ramp exit.


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I love the big VISA bill when I go home

lol, but then I pay the visa bill off and I've got a bunch of frequent flier points. The points from my last 3 Disney vacations are paying for my round trip ticket to Greece this September. :happy:🥳🤩

I may sign up for a Disney card for that trip and use the points for my trip in 2020. Yes!!


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Sitting center square on the rotunda floor for the Voices of Liberty.
Kwood, do you believe we've yet to catch this show. lol, 20 years and we keep saying we are going to see it, then never seem to make it. gives me a good excuse to book another trip soon. ;)


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For me it is the escape from the pressures of everyday life. It is a place I can go and be immersed in the theming, let my inner child be free, marvel at the imagineering and creativity, eat great food, have fun interactions with the CMs...its just pure escapism into that Disney bubble.
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