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It's great to be on vacation but what is it about WDW that gives you the most joy?


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My favorite thing about a Disney vacation is standing outside Test Track for an hour with a decibel meter to prove internet strangers wrong about noise levels.


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I am not a train person, but I do love hearing the train from a long distance. I have been golfing at Orange County National which is a few miles away and on windy days you can hear the train. Pretty cool.


There's an atmosphere in Disney - you know you've entered a world of imagination and joy. The feeling of getting away, being immersed in all kinds of happy. Talking to strangers in line, smiling at those around you, relaxing at delicious meals, sleeping in comfy beds in the resorts, waking up to "what's on the agenda today". I don't watch the news, I don't read newspapers, I am sheltered from the outside world when I am there. It's my "Calgon, take me away" place!


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Having the whole family together, everyone happy, no one fighting, smiling and having fun.
Kudos to you!

Alas, I'm afraid we never get through a whole FL visit without SOME sort of disagreement.

Even if we do pretty well ourselves, it is just about impossible to completely avoid someone near us having some kind of meltdown. Sometimes it is kids/infants, but too often it is an inconsiderate adult who should know better. Much of the time, we try to mind our own business, but say, ignoring loud flight passengers can be tough.

I think our favorite part of visiting Orlando is the feeling that we can't do/see everything there is to see. WDW alone has well over 100 places to eat. On any given day, we can't possibly see all the PM shows/fireworks - especially if one considers Hoop de Doo, hotel activities, Universal Studios, and events at the 1,000 area hotels.

While other folks' misbehavior sometimes detracts from the experience of being in Orlando, it also wouldn't be fun if it was empty either. Part of the fun is being surrounded by so much energy and activity. So many people coming together for a - more or less - common purpose of creating+having fun.
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What a cool topic for discussion.
For my family and I, it's the idea of getting away from everything. That includes work, school, and anything else that goes along with it. A couple of folks here have described it the same way: immersion. We love going to experience the rides, the food, and just the overall atmosphere.
There is always something new to explore and experience and that's a huge thing for all of us because we don't want more of the same.


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The first time on each trip riding the ferryboat to MK and catching a glimpse of the castle.

The feeling of we are finally here, along with the memories of the first day of Honeymoon being in the same situation. We make a point of the first day to MK and taking the ferryboat.

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Kudos to you!

Alas, I'm afraid we never get through a whole FL visit without SOME sort of disagreement.
To be completely honest, it's not that there isn't one single disagreement the whole trip. The kids will always find something to annoy each other about (LOL), but overall everyone has a wonderful time and the memories are priceless.


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I grew up in Central Florida but have not lived there in over ten years. Staying "on property" has given me a whole new appreciation for WDW. I am immersed in The Mouse. I might check college football scores in the fall (GO GATORS!), but otherwise ignore the news (with the exception of daily weather checks, of course!).

One thing I've really come to enjoy is the "ramping up" of the pre-trip planning. Set a date months away and reserve rooms and make some ADRs. Make the parking and hotel reservations in DC and submit for time off at work. Keep an eye on flights for drops in price, then book them. Make FP+ reservations. Magic Bands are here! Holy cow, it's almost time to go! All the while I'll be checking and re-checking what we'll do and where we'll eat. Every step, every domino that falls, every hurdle crossed brings me back to the bubble, even if it's only for a few minutes.


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It’s the look on Hubby’s face on checkout day when I tell him, “Yup, our BounceBack for next year is booked”.


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Is it the purple wall? Dole Whips? Journey into Imagination? The Hall of Presidents? The Caribbean Beach Resort?

Or is it an experience? Cast members, considerate guests, magical express-ion?
It was almost completely dead for me, especially after going to Disneyland. I still like going back every few years but my trips are definitely split between the beach, WDW and of course universal. And never more than 3 days at WDW parks. I still do disney springs when i am in FL though. Thats just because its a great place to meet up with my friend in Orlando.

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For me it's not just being able to watch the reaction of the guests upon entering the parks, but the fact that I have literally sent hundreds of families here for their first or their thirtieth time over the years.... and I get to hear their feedback on what gave them the most joy! It is truly the most magical place (other than Disneyland)! The fact that I love to just watch the people interact with the castmembers and the characters just puts a huge smile on my face! I am there numerous times a years mostly due to business so when I have the time to enjoy the parks I can do so at a leisurely pace. I love trying something new every time that I go and yes I still have not done EVERYTHING lol On my last trip I did party for the senses which was fantastic and I will definitely do it again! I love trying a new restaurant or 2 on each trip depending on what is new. I also love going there to meet up with my agents for a great meal, drinks or just some plain old fun in the parks!
I've also met some fantastic Castmembers over the years that have become great friends and I like to stop by to say hi if they are working. I love going to the special events in the parks so I can try something new. To me, each time that I go it's a learning experience. I like to try new things so that I can put those experiences to use by sharing that experience with my agents and to have that first hand experience for my clients. I could keep going on about what gives me the most joy but to sum it up.... all of it give me joy... everything about it! (except the heat and humidity... I admit that freely lol)



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Watching our two little ones ooh and ahh during Happily Ever After. We always watch from Gaston's. They really love it when Tinkerbell flys across the night sky. Totally worth everything.


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for us, it’s that big escape from reality. just kick back, relax, & let disney do their thing.
it’s also fun seeing other families having a good time, making their own memories. that’s what it’s all about.


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I've always loved the Disney "smell". Main street in the morning when the ground is still a bit wet. Popcorn. Walking past (who am i kidding?) Stopping at the churro stand.
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