Trip Report It's been 6 years years and a global pandemic, but we are back!


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Too much of the movie is fake. Just doesn’t give me the same feeling as the original. @fractal and I talked about it when we rode together. Crystal and I had the same conversation today. She said it just doesn’t move her like the California version.
I always got some level of an emotional reaction to the original. Not with this one. Hopefully some day you'll have the option of watching one of the two. Have a great day!


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Just curious, we were at WDW in 2004 during Hurricane Jeanne and the resort our letters under everyone’s room door with instructions of what to do(we spent 1 whole day locked in our room as the weather swept through Irlando). Has the resort kept you up to date on the impending weather that’s due to come through? And what type of notification do they use now, email, text or paper?

👍🏻👍🏻for Mady on being so vigilant on her phone and getting you on RotR. Have a wonderful day.
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