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Trip Report It's a trap! (LIVE-ish)


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Part Two Day 8: late morning

Finally in MK and our first order of business was to split up.

Nephew really wanted to ride Splash Mountain. Dad and I went off to Splash with him. Mom and bro went to Tomorrowland.

As per usual dad raced ahead of nephew and I. Along the way we passed by Mary Poppins kind of by Sleepy Hollow. The location doesn’t make a lot of sense but oh well.

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By the time we got to Splash the standby was 60min. Nephew said he still wanted to ride so we got in line. Dad was convinced the wait would be shorter but it was in fact 60 min.

The highlight of this wait was the group of 3 southern ladies behind me. They first caught my interest when I overhead them talking about breast augmentation surgery.

(Originally I used a more colloquial term that got starred out. 😂)

Later on it transitioned to a conversation about odd places that they liked to, as Bob Eubanks phrased it, make whoopee. 😮

I’m no prude but I feel like that’s not super appropriate with so many kids around. Luckily my nephew and dad seemed oblivious to all of this.

I eventually managed to sneak a peak at this trio without it being too obvious. Well- I think they should be asking for at least a partial refund on those ‘breast’ jobs. 😂

Nephew loved Splash. He said it was his favorite ride (although he looks terrified in the ride picture)
My goodness!! How old were these Southern ladies? I agree....not the appropriate place to have that conversation!


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Part Two Day 8: late morning continued/afternoon:

Meanwhile... Mom and bro went to Buzz. On the way bro took purple wall pics of mom. She loved it.

After Buzz bro rode SDMR using a FP. We figured after the SM incident we didn’t want to chance it with nephew. And after the SDD incident there was no way in heck mom was trying it.

Eventually they made their way to Liberty Square and caught a bit of the Muppets show. After the rest of us were done with Splash we all met up and went to our final ride of the trip.


My mom was embarrassingly aggressive with queuing up after the stretching room. And annoyed with the rest of the family that we were trying to not separate families etc.

The surprise upside to this is that we all kind of got separated oddly and I ended up in my own doombuggy. 😍

After HM everyone voiced all of the things they wanted to do (but apparently not enough to get there earlier.) I highly suggested that we head back to POP instead and they begrudgingly agreed.

Back at POP we picked our carry on bags and had lunch. I had chicken tenders with a delicious garlic ranch dipping sauce.
The fam chilled in the food court for a while. Then when we had like 15-20 min before the Tragical Express pick up time my mom decided now was when she wanted to start shopping for souvenirs in the gift shop. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Eventually I herded everyone to the bus pick up area just minutes before the pick up time. 😬


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I am enjoying your report, both the Uni and Disney parts! Congrats on surviving TWO *ahem* challenging families!
Thanks. Glad you’re enjoying it. Challenging is an excellent way to phrase it.

Somebody's gotta 🐝 the 🐝!
I usually go the ‘speak softly and carry a big stick’ approach in life. That day I felt like I got to the level of waving my stick around a lot.

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