It's A Small World Rehab: Facade Issue


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Just a side note. I enjoyed DPL's version of the ride. They had a facade and an outdoor loading area, but the loading area and the area right above the canal as you enter and exit the building were covered for inclimate weather. So, its not that they couldn't do this is Florida, I just think they have chosen not to do it.

Besides, I wanna see something really new and original take over the 20k lagoon site. I'll always have a special place in my heart for IaSM, but would rather see the money go to something new if budgets still rule the kingdom.


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I certainly agree that IASW needs a rehab - seems to me that a LOT can be accomplished in 18 months. Asbestos removal is always more complicated (and expensive) than it sounds, though...perhaps that's the biggest roadblock preventing a more elaborate job.


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I was in WDW a few years back and IASW was closed for a rehab then as well. What did they do then? 18 months seems like an long time for a rehab. Especially being closed for the busy months. I know it's a large building and all but you would think that they could get a huge crew to make the rehab go faster.

But I don't know. I'm not sure how they go about doing these things. All I know is that I still love IASW and enjoy looking at the faces of the kids on my boat when they see everything. :)


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Expo_Seeker40 said:
I think the disneyland facade was designed by walt disney himself for disneyland because they were not able to do that at the world's fair.

I am sorry, but your statement got me pretty upset. Walt Disney did not design the Smallworld facade. Mary Blaire did. I happen to really like her work and the only 2 of her works I am aware of that still exist in Disney Parks are:

-Disneyland Small World Facade
-Grand Canyon Concourse at the Contemporary.

She used to also have works at both WDWs and DLs Tommorowlands but those got removed when they got converted to the new Tommorowlands.

Her designs for Smallworld began from the (part about Mary, Jesus's mom) Christmas scene in 3 calleberos(or however you spell it). Anyway, she produced some concept sketches for the kids at Small World and the Imagineers based the whole ride interior after her sketch.

Of course the time to build Small World for the World's Fair was very limited. I believe tower of the 4 winds was designed by Mary Blair also but I am not sure on that.

Anyway, she designed the facade for the building in Disneyland. She also did it very well. Besides the whole thing being a work of art, it was designed to that the color scheme can change so the building can always look modern and fit in with the tastes of each generation.

I don't have my imagineering books with me right now so much of this may be a wrong, but I ask you one thing, Remember Mary Blair and her work.


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Oh, I also forgot to mention something else. The facade can be built outside.

The building you load in is actually a separate building that the show building and thus the load building can actually be removed. This would allow the large facade to be built with no problem.

And those who say it rains too much in Florida. the Disneyland Paris version of Small World has an outdoor loading station like at Disneyland's but all the lines and outdoor part of the ride is covered with an awning.


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Lee and General Grizz: I thought I read on this website, mouseplanet and others that they were replicating the DL facade inside of the IASW loading area?? Was that just an unconfirmed rumor mixed in??


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Sorry dark measures, but at the time I posted that, I had know idea that Mary Blaire did the facade design. It wasn't until a few months later that I learned of her work on the small world project. :wave:

...and to think that her work in disneyland's tomorrowland 98' is either covered up, or partially destoryed. :fork:

....I don't know why this is being rehashed, but I guess we/I know better now.

We know what will go on in WDW's small world rehab. The replica disneyland facade will be placed inside the ride loading area, and of course no towers of the four winds because it is far too big. :lookaroun


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There is a model of it on the 4th floor of the Contemporay by the elevators. Rolly Crump was the designer.

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