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'it's a small world' Refurbishment July 27-29


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I'll never forget the comment I read years ago on another forum from someone who said that Disney should pass out softballs to each guest as they board the boats for this attraction.

I'd want to take the journey early in the morning so there would still be something standing to aim at as I rode through. :D

James Alucobond

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They're all in heaven because the adults destroyed the world.
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The current queue/loading design is from 2005. I don’t think the fountains would fit where they originally were as the 2005 design takes up space across the water where the fountains were. The 1971 design was on the walls only. (There’s a pic somewhere in this thread).

Lands of Wonder

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Rumored to be getting a rainbow, colorful finale.
That’s dumb, it’s always been white, perhaps they keep it white and make the scene go from white to color like Spectromagic . If it’s about what I think it is they obviously don’t go on their own rides nor have they seen the audio animatronics nor do they know much about them.
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Agreed. I was there a few days ago for the first time and it really popped. I did find it odd the wait times at 45 minutes and it was actually 10.

I had a similar experience with HM. Posted time was 35. Wait was maybe 10.

The most extreme example was Jungle Cruise. Posted wait 55 min, actual wait, again maybe 10 min, but this was shortly before park close and I think they were just stacking the queue.

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