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News Italy Pavilion's Enoteca Castello at EPCOT repainted


Original Poster
A new look for the front of the Italy Pavilion - what do you think?


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Well-Known Member
Having been to the regions of Italy, I'd say the new color is too sharp and deep and not reflective of buildings that age. Certainly doesn't match the other buildings in the pavilion. At least Italy is getting some love, though.


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This seems random, why did they feel the need to paint this at all? Not a fan at the moment. Might need to see more photos and videos in different lighting conditions - also possible it's not finished?

James Alucobond

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Looks to me like they're still working on it?
I would tend to agree. The tower at the top only seems to have the front painted, so there's likely more work to be done here. I kind of hope they weather the finish a bit immediately even though I know the sun will do that on its own. Just looks slightly unnatural where the brick peeks through the peeled plaster since the paint is so fresh in contrast.

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