Trip Report It was all a joke at first - two engaged couples and the fifth wheel! Sept 24-27

Hello Everyone! We got back on Sunday from a short and sweet adults only trip! It all started at the end of August when my future sister-in-law posted on Facebook that she wanted to join some friends on their trip to Disney World. I chimed in and said I wanted to as well. Then they started to group message us their details and I crunched some numbers and we figured out a way to do it! I am still in shock that it actually happened. I mean I have two kids that have been asking non-stop about going back and then I just go without them. Thought for sure they would eat me alive when I got home but they seem to be ok with it since I brought them home a "Baby Yoda" each.
Who: (in order of the photo below) Me-Cetta, Taylea and Nick (engaged and my brother's friend), my brother Patrick and Taylar (also engaged). Hence the title of the trip report!

When: September 24-27 (Nick and Taylea left on the 29th)
Where: Patrick, Taylar, and myself stayed at The B Resort at Disney Springs. It was about $70 a night and we were trying to save money. Nick and Taylea stayed at Pop Century.
Why: I am sure we all had our own reasons to be going. Patrick and Taylar as well as Nick and Taylea were celebrating their engagements. I was attempting to make my wish come true of going to Disney Solo....I did get some time alone but I have to say, I really enjoyed the company of my friends and brother. It was nice to reminisce our childhood trip and joke.


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Love the height difference lol


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I am usually a super planner and packer. I am usually packed weeks in advanced but since I was not taking my kids or husband, I only had to pack for myself so it was very last minute. I had a list that I had put together on my work computer. I printed it out before I left work on Wednesday night but left it on the printer. Oops! I work with all men so kind of embarrassing to be sitting in my Monday afternoon meeting and everyone was laughing at me for having four pairs of underwear on my list. They know I am a really thorough person, so they weren’t surprised but still had to make a joke about it. I was running around the house Wednesday night trying to gather some items without hinting to the kids that I was going to Disney. Did find my old lanyard with these still in it from my 2012 Disneymoon trip.

Made my pile of things to pack, got all the stuff situated for the kids and husband for the next couple days. You know, list of what we have in pantry and freezer for them to eat and outfits laid out. Went to bed a decent time and woke up Thursday morning and helped everyone get out the door. Kids were pretty upset and my son said “but mom, you are the one who comes up with all the fun things to do like going to Disney World” oh no! Well they left the house around 7am and I gave them all the biggest hugs and kisses. I poured my cup of coffee and watched some old Rescue 911 episodes.

Packed my bag, took a shower, and my brother picked me up around 11am. We got to the airport around 11:40 and I took a picture of where we parked so we wouldn’t forget.

We had talked about grabbing Qdoba and Starbucks before the flight but of course the only two places closed were those. We settled with grabbing McDonalds.

We were through security within 6 minutes and to our gate.

You will see lots of thumbs up in our pictures. My brother decided since we wouldn’t have visual smiles in our pictures, we had to have our thumbs up to show we were having a good time!

We had never flown Spirit before but for $34 one way, who could complain! Boarding was simple and easy, and we were happy to be sitting next to each other. Our flight was a little bumpy but nothing too terrible. Patrick listened to some crime podcasts, Taylar was watching “Call The Midwife”, and I was finally on the final season of “Game of Thrones”.



We landed about 10 minutes early and got right on the “fonorail” by 3:45

We stopped for some airport photos


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We made our way to the Ride Share area. We were picked up within 10 minutes of requesting a ride and were on our way to The B Resort! Check in was a breeze and got to our room on the 7th floor around 4:35. We had view of Disney Springs which I enjoyed.


While we were checking in, we received a group text from Nick saying they were done with their time at Animal Kingdom and were on their way to Disney Springs. Here is the only photo I have from their time at AK:

We changed and started our walk to Disney Springs. It was a nice walk and I enjoy staying at a Disney Springs resort because of the proximity to DS but I don’t think I would stay there with my kids for a whole trip. Being in the Disney Bubble is something special and The B Resort wasn’t that. When I was there in February, I think we saw maybe 2 of these guys the whole 3 days, pretty sure we saw two dozen on our walk! They were everywhere and it was awesome!

We arrived at the temp check tent around 5:20. It was our first time getting our temps checked and I was a little nervous. I mean it's pretty hot out and we just walked all that way, but no issues!

We stopped at the Star Wars store since I was on a hunt for a “Baby Yoda” stuffie for the kids. They didn’t have any in that store and I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to find one. We met up with Nick and Taylea near the Lego Store. We hadn’t seen them since Labor Day weekend, they live outside Chicago and we live outside Indianapolis. We then hit up some more stores. So many things that I wanted to buy but I was on a strict budget for myself plus I can only take the personal item on the flight home, so I didn’t have room for anything big. Plus, I was there for the experience, not so much for the stuff. We did go into World of Disney and I was able to get this for Sadie!

We were all pretty hungry since we hadn’t eaten since our Mickey D’s at the airport in Indy, so we decided to check in early for our 7:30 pm ADR at Raglan Road. It was around 7 when we got there and they said it would still be a while so we gave them my phone number and headed to more stores. We stopped in Disney Style and took some fun pictures and of course wished we could buy everything in the store. I am really digging the 90’s retro items.


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This is what happens when you ask my brother to take a picture:

afterwards he said "pretty sure I got you at every angle" lol YUP!!
Right when we walked out of the store, I received a text saying our table was ready, so we headed back that way. I had to take a picture of all of us!

This was our only table service meal for the trip and our food did not disappoint! Patrick had the burger and said it was one of the best he had ever had and a flight of beer. Nick had fish and chips with a flight as well. Taylar had the margarita with fish and chips, Taylea had a steak with Jameson & coke, and I had the strawberry mimosa with fish and chips. It was all good and we all left full and happy!

We split up and headed back to our hotels to get some sleep for our Star Wars adventures the next day! Will we get a Boarding Group??!!??


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September 25th

Before bed I realized that we could schedule an Uber for the next morning. I figured this would be a good way to make sure all three of us were up and ready to go. I scheduled it for 7:45am and went to bed. I usually wake up at 5:30 AM every morning to get everything ready for the day, on the weekends I am lucky if I can sleep until 7:00 AM. I was up and at it around 5:45 but they were still sleeping. I checked the weather for the day and there was a chance of rain for the afternoon which I wasn’t disappointed about since the last time I had checked it had a chance of rain for most of the day. Things were looking up!

They were up by 7 am and our plan was to head to The Boardwalk Bakery for a Jersey style crumb cake and coffee. I had planned on mobile ordering, but I kept getting an error! Like every time! I was getting really annoyed and wanted to throw my phone because I thought it was just my phone but when Patrick tried from his Android he got the same error. Ended up the Mobile ordering was down the entire day! Ugh! Like you have all said before “eating at Disney is hard”

Before bed I was thinking of doing my hair in “space buns” or a nice braid (neither of which I have every done on myself). Then while we were getting ready Taylar was like “I am gonna do space buns today” I knew I had to try as well! Her hair is nice and thick while my has been losing its life for a while now. Sometimes I feel like an old lady lol Her buns were cute and noticeable, while mine were like little flimsy balls on my head. Oh well! We were downstairs waiting by the lobby for our 7:45 AM Uber with time to spare so I took a picture of the “King & Queen” in their blue thrones.

Then I had to, as they say, “mom it up” and get in the picture too.


Our Uber driver this morning was the coolest one we had all trip. He gave us some hints and tips and we just had a good conversation about Disney. We arrived a little before 8am, keep in mind Hollywood Studios officially opens at 10am this morning but I wanted to get there early because I knew they were letting people in early. I took some pictures of the empty Boardwalk area.

The Bakery area was almost empty, I think there was maybe 6 people total sitting outside of the area and only one couple in front of us in line. I ordered exactly what I wanted if I had mobile ordered. Jersey style crumb cake and an ice coffee.

My mom was a little jealous when I told her we were going to the Boardwalk Bakery for a Jersey crumb cake. We are originally from NJ and moved to Indiana almost 15 years ago, so one of the things we miss the most is the good Jersey food! I had to send her the picture and tell her it was nothing like the Woodland Bakery’s crumb cake. We had a little visitor

We also had some little sparrows, but I didn’t take any pictures of them. They really enjoyed the crumbs from my crumb cake that were falling on the ground. While we ate, I explained to Patrick what was around us. I think this was the first time my brother realized that I know too much about Disney World and was a little freaked out. He was like why do you know what the places are called and where they all are? It was the only beginning lol

I took a selfie to send to my husband because he asked where we were

The area was starting to get a little busier with the line way out the door for the bakery now so we started our trek to Hollywood Studios. It was so calm...


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At first it was a quiet walk with just a couple other people on our walk but as we kept walking I realized that there was plenty of people behind us heading in the same direction. We hadn’t even been gone 24 hours and my mom asked me to send her a picture because she missed our faces. We are all grown but when mommy asks for something, she shall receive it!

We got in our first long line of the day at 8:52 am.

They moved us from this line into the temp tent line right before 9am. It was hot just standing in the sun, even for so early in the morning.


Around 9:05 we were past the ticket entrance and into Hollywood Studios! The fun was about to start!

We decided to head to straight to Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway. The line was long, but we were lucky to get a spot under one of the many umbrellas.

This was behind us:

This was in front of us:

Nick and Taylea had taken the Skyliner from Pop and were in the park around 9:40. Taylea had made a secret reservation for Nick to get build a Lightsaber, so they headed straight there. We saw them and waved. Taylea sent us this picture of Nick making his choices.
nick lightsaber build.jpg


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So sorry for the delay in updates. Life hasn't been easy since returning from our trip. The day I returned to work, my coworker who has been with the company for 22 years decided to quit. I sent the next two weeks going over his job tasks so I knew how to do everything after he left and the last two weeks doing his job and neglecting mine. Not only am I doing two jobs, but I am dealing with the emotional stress of losing my best work friend. Many tears have been shed but everyday is getting better. It's a small company with just 6 people in the office so one person leaves it kind of a big deal. Never in the last 13 years with this company has I shed tears, yet I have cried almost daily the last two weeks. ugh, just wish things could go back to normal. Anyway, hoping to get some time to update more often. thank you for being patient and I hope you are enjoying everything so far.


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Eventually they opened the door to MMRR and the line moved. We were now, close the entrance and I took some pictures while we were in line.


I felt like we were waiting a long time and Taylar went and asked the CM at the door why the line wasn’t moving, she said that they were waiting to pass all the safety checks. I guess we shouldn’t complain because the park wasn’t even officially open yet. Not sure what time it actually was but we were let into the building before 10. I was worried about getting in the building and not having signal to get the boarding group for ROTR. We all kept our phones open and ready, watching the time and signals. I was worried that we would actually be on the ride when the time hit because the line was moving at a decent speed. Taylar had her iWatch with the seconds on it and we all had our phones out to attempt to get a BG for all 5 of us. The time was ticking and it was finally time….all three of us tried and so did Nick during his build. My heart was racing and I was the one with the worst cell service (dang Sprint is terrible but my work pays for it, so I will deal with bad service for not having to pay for a cell bill). I got the dreaded red box at the bottom of my screen, so did Taylar, but Patrick yells out…GOT IT! Group 15!!!! We hooted and hollered in excitement!
boarding group.jpg

This all happened when there was only 3 groups in front of us before it was our turn to get on the ride. The group in front of us said they got BG 9, the lady behind us got an error and didn’t get a boarding group. I felt bad celebrating when she didn’t get it. I think MMRR was the longest line we waited in all trip. I mean we got in the line at around 9:10 and didn’t get on the ride until 10:04. This was our first time on MMRR and I have to say it was pretty cool. I think it was Patrick’s second favorite ride of the trip, he loves cartoons and said he felt like he was actually in the cartoon. I was really missing my kids during that ride; I know my daughter would have absolutely loved it! Her favorite Mickey cartoon is “Little Whirlwind” and the tornado scene was pretty cool! I will forever miss The Great Movie Ride but this was pretty neat especially considering I don’t really like that kind of animation. My attempt at another selfie.

We got off the ride in awe and headed straight to Galaxy Edge.

I was never really a big Star Wars fan until I had my son. Joseph’s first word was “Boba” for Boba Fett and he slept with his The Empire Strikes Back Little Golden Book until it fell apart. It was hard to be doing this experience without him or my husband but I knew one day we will all be there together. We look some pictures with the ships.


After our trip, I uploaded all the pictures I had taken and the Memory Maker photos to a shared file for everyone to view. Nick poked fun of the picture above saying it was like a mom selfie and sent this meme
moms selfie.jpg

After some pictures we headed to the market area but didn’t feel like waiting in lines to go shopping, so I just took a picture of the area and we moved on to meet up with Nick and Taylea.


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After meeting up, we found more ships! I took another selfie and they were all like “you know there are four other people with you that can take a picture of you”


We made our way to the Millennium Falcon. The line for Smugglers Run was pretty long but we knew that we would be called for our Boarding Group soon. This is where I saw a Photo Pass photographer and approached him for some pictures in front of the Falcon. I don’t think my friends really understood what these photographers do but after this experience I am pretty sure they were all hooked! We had a great photographer and he mentioned that we were his first of the day (it was around 10:30). He spent some quality time with us, posing us in groups, as couples, and individually. He even did some neat poses with Nick’s lightsaber. There are so many good pictures but I will just pick a few to not bore you.
mf group 7.JPG

mf girls 2.JPG

mf pt 5.JPG

mf me 2.JPG

mf nt 6.JPG

mf nt 8.JPG

mf pt 7.JPG

mf nt 5.JPG

In my opinion, this photo shoot was worth the cost of the Memory Maker Package. We have over 25 photos from this session! Everyone was joking after this, "look Cetta, there's another one of the photo guys" I am all about it! photos are my thing and I am the only one in the group that was constantly snapping pics of random things lol


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By the time we were done taking pictures, our boarding group was called! Took this picture on the way over because I just thought it was so cool…such an immersive area!

Had to mark the occasion of getting on the ride with a line selfie


Took some pictures while on the ride and boy, my selfie game is kind of lame!

Since none of us had been on the ride before, we didn’t know what exactly to expect or if we were missing things. I mean I had read about the ride of course but didn’t watch any videos or anything that would spoil it. I felt like we were kind of rushed at times which is why this selfie is terrible.

Tried to make up for that terrible selfie with this one:

We were kind of all speechless when we got off the ride. Just amazing! So immersive and we all felt like we were really in Star Wars. Really made me wish my son was with us. I don’t want to talk too much about it because I know there are still people out there who have never been on it. I will just say it was everyone’s favorite ride of the day!

By the time we were off the ride, it was about 11:20 and we were all starting to get a little hungry. We tried to mobile order of course but it was down, we decided to head to Backlot Express for lunch. I didn’t take a picture of the food but pretty sure we all got chicken fingers or burgers. We did get some adult beverages because it is an adults only trip!

While we were eating one of the cavalcades went by. I tried to capture a picture of the army men

After our meals we decided to head to the Muppets show. We figured that we would let our belly’s rest while watching the show instead of hopping on something that would make us all puke lol. We waited and waited and waited and waited and gave up (it’s funny because when I went with my husband and kids in 2019 we did the same thing). We felt like we gave our belly’s enough time to rest while waiting in line and headed to Star Tours! I have never been on Star Tours as an adult because I always assumed I would get sick on it. I don’t remember this but my mom always tells this story when we talk about Disney World: when I was little I really wanted to go on it but my mom was pregnant with my brother at the time so I had to be 4-5 years old (so early in 1992). My dad took me on the ride and my mom swears that when the doors opened and my dad walked out he was green and I was begging to go on again. That is probably the last time I was on it. I know my husband and son rode it at least twice in 2019.

I was really excited to see my name on the board! Nick’s name was up there too but I never see my name on anything so yay me!

We all survived without turning green and I took this picture in the gift shop to send to my husband

I feel like this should come in woman's too. I mean I get "Fett Up" way more often than my husband does lol.


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We decided to head to Toy Story Land but went the long way which of course meant running into cavalcade. I just love how they made the cars look like cartoons!



We rode TSM and just gotta love the wait times! I mean in early 2019 we never got to ride it because the wait time was over an hour….we ended up riding twice this day.

We decided it was time for some “Bucky’s” (long story short, when I drove with Patrick and Taylar from Indiana to NJ in September of 2018, I kept calling Starbucks “Buckys” and it kind of stuck and now it’s our little joke). The whole purpose of stopping in was for Taylar to get the Hollywood Studios coffee mug. I regret not getting one for myself since I love my MK one so much, but I was on a really tight budget and was trying to stick to it. I did end up getting a Frappuccino. I hate and I mean really hate when someone asks my name at a Bucky’s or other counter restaurants. They never pronounce it or spell it right, so I always give a different name (usually Bob). Today I went with Donald.

We stopped at the curb to enjoy our Bucky’s another cavalcade came by

“Where is my Super Suit??!!”

After it passed we headed down Sunset Blvd


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Once again, this area is full of rides that I usually wouldn’t go on because I am always worried that I would end up getting sick. I was living dangerously today and did them all!
The line for Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster was pretty long and winding but went pretty quickly.

At one point in the line, my brother mentioned to me how the last time we rode RNR was on a rainy day and there was no line, and we rode it over and over again with our cousins. I took a picture and sent it to my cousin who now lives in Berlin and we haven’t seen since our other cousin’s wedding in April of 2018.
text with anthony.jpg

We got on, we rocked, and Patrick lost his Magic Band. It flew right off he said. My ride photo showed up but everyone else’s didn’t. When we got home, I called because there was a couple other photos missing and they said it was because one person didn’t have their mask on properly for this one photo. (really erks me now that I know Jason Aldean can take his mask off)
rockin roller coaster.jpg

I felt a little woozy but we headed straight for Tower of Terror!

I thought this looked so pretty while we were in line. Now that it is fall in Indiana and all the leaves are pretty much gone from the trees, I really miss green!

tower of terror.jpg

Didn't realize until now but good thing I was wearing shorts under my dress lol

When we got off, I grabbed a water and it was a chain reaction, everyone ended up getting a snack or drink and we found a nice corner to enjoy them.


It’s times like that I really enjoy, just sitting, talking, snacking. It was so nice not having my kids around asking for something constantly or complaining about what they want or where they want to go. I mean I sure did miss them, but it was nice being a kid myself for a little while.


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We checked wait times and decided it was time to head to Smugglers Run! The line was long but not as bad as it had been earlier in the day.


I just love the details! I mean the Millennium Falcon looks like it could really just take off at any minute!

I had to take my picture here! I HAD TO!!!

I volunteered to be an engineer since I knew I would be back! The girls were our pilots and the boys were the gunners. I tried to take a picture of us in there but it turned out like this…

I think the detail in the surroundings are better than the actual ride. I felt a little distracted and didn't get to enjoy the ride (and that was with me having the least important job). I mean just being in the cockpit, walking through the ship, and seeing the outside was good enough for me.
It was almost Taylea’s scheduled time to build a droid so Patrick, Taylar, and I headed back to Toy Story Land to ride Slinky Dog. First, we stopped and got some more pictures taken but this time we had a special guest!
baby yoda thumbs.JPG
baby yoda force 2.JPG
baby yoda.JPG

Geez my hair needs some help in the following pictures lol and these were taken before the riding the roller coaster



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Then we hit up Toy Story Mania again!

It was about 6:30 and we knew we needed to go report Patrick’s lost magic band, so we headed to guest services. We stopped in Bucky’s for some water and then grabbed some more pictures.
hs 9.JPG
hs 4.JPG
hs 6.JPG

We waited in line for a short time at guest services, but I just love how the people in front of us were complaining about someone not wearing their mask and then people behind us were complaining about having to wear their masks. Ugh! I mean I don’t love it but we are all adults here. Anyway, Patrick got a card with his ticket information on it so he could get into MK the next day and they said if they find his magic band, they will mail it back to him. They also got their “just engaged” pins and the lady offered me one, I told her I wanted it to say “5th Wheel” I don’t think she got it or if she did get it, I think she thought it was pretty dumb. Whatever! I wasn’t celebrating anything really, or maybe I should have had it say “without my kids.” I was hungry so I headed to get us all pretzels while they looked at some pins.

Nick and Taylea were done building her droid and headed to meet up with us.
taylea driod.jpg


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Originally Hollywood Studios was going to close at 7pm, so I made an ADR at Oga’s Cantina for 7:35pm so we could stay in the park later, but the closing time was extended to 8pm. We headed back to Galaxy’s Edge a little early and Taylar really wanted to do a droid and they just happened to have a spot open for her to do it right before our Oga ADR. I took some pretty pictures while she built her droid.

Oga’s was something I would have never done with my kids at the age they are at now. Probably won’t be back until my kids are old enough to have a drink with me. Lol We got a booth which I was really happy with because after a long day I didn’t want to be standing.




oga group pic 2.jpg

oga group pic.jpg

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