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IT nerd questions - code, databases, cloud


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Hello. Been curious about this for a while...what does Disney run on? Specifically the newer, customer facing stuff, since the rides are still using their older/original tech (according to the Imagineering series on Disney+). The main website, MDE, park pass reservation system...are their apis written in Java, C#, Python? What's behind the scenes data wise...SQL Server, Oracle, NoSQL/MongoDB, Data Warehouses, DataLakes? Is the org on-prem, cloud, hybrid? Which cloud provider (Azure, AWS, GCP)? Thanks!


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Here is a job posting for e-commerce backend.

Looking for:

- Java/J2EE restful services using Spring, Spring Boot
- AWS cloud services such as ECS, Lambda, and S3
- Relational databases such as SQL Server, MariaDB
- Hibernate
- Node JS


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Here is one for Software Engineer - Web for "eCommerce Platform specializing in Ticketing Products"

- JavaScript, Angular, Node.js, jQuery
- AWS Suite (Service Management and Deployments, EC2 and ECS Containers, Elastic Search Caching, Lambdas, DynamoDB, MariaDB/MySQL, Kinesis, Developer Tools)
- Jenkins and GIT


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Sr Software Engineer, Guest Profile Solutions

- Experience with Python as a full-stack programming language, including Flask and Pandas
- AWS components: Kinesis, SNS, Lambda, EC2, Redshift, Sagemaker, Neptune, Firehose, S3 and Glue
- Experience with big data technologies (NoSQL): Snowflake, Hadoop/HDFS, Shell Scripting, Spark, Kafka, Big Query, Cassandra
- Docker


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Hi! Just saw this thread. I tool'd around with some of Disney API's before, and from what I can tell, their newer stuff, like VQ and G+ stuff uses AWS technologies/services, like S3, Gateway, etc. Their legacy stuff like Fastpass+ seems to be Spring based, but seems they're moving away from that.

Some of MDE is written in Java as far as I can tell. Honestly their AWS stuff could be written in any language as the SDK supports almost every major language out there.

Those job listings as posted above does give away big hints at what their techstacks are tho.

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