Trip Report It’s so cold, even Elsa can’t Let it Go: Thanksgiving 2019


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Hello Dreamers!
This trip took place a few months ago, in November 2019. I have been quite busy since returning home, and haven’t had time to write! With all of the current events I now have quite a lot more time on my hands, so I need a good disney distraction!

You can find my Pre-Trip Report here:

Here are the quick details:

When: November 24-29, 2019
Where: Pop Century Preferred Room (so we could try out the Skyliner!) and I was able to get free dining with our package.
Who: Me (A), My sister (SB), and our cousins (P) and (S). Also, P was 22 weeks pregnant during our trip, so technically, we had a baby girl along for the ride too!


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Let’s dive right in! As for my title... you will find out about that shortly. 🥶

Day 1: Arrival

We set out for our trip early Sunday morning. Never having gone to the world during Thanksgiving week but having no choice due to work and school scheduling, we wanted an early start. We were so excited for our girls’ trip! SB and I left home around 5:00, and we were picking up P and S around 5:15.
We made great time driving down, missing a lot of traffic. Traveling on a Sunday definitely helped too! On the way, we stopped at our usual breakfast stop: Chick-fil-A! Only to realize... it’s SUNDAY. Crisis averted, we found a nearby Starbucks instead. We got lunch on the way too, but soon we were in the Disney Bubble!
Did we pack enough jackets? Would we even have the appropriate clothing for the weather? Stay tuned to find out!


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We made our way to Pop and were greeted with a text from Disney... our room was NOT ready yet. It was about 2:00, so we were surprised by this. We have arrived much earlier on previous trips to a ready room! Oh well- we hopped in the front desk line and waited... and waited...

We got to the front and were told that indeed, our room really wasn't ready. We were able to get our magic bands and credit cards aligned though, and we picked up "I'm Celebrating" buttons for SB and P. SB's was for her college graduation (BSN-RN!) and P's to celebrate the sweet baby's "first trip"!

Unable to enter the room, we went to the food court to pick up our refillable mugs. I also went to the gift shop and bought myself a new Up lanyard for my pin collection. After that we just wandered around Pop for a while, waiting on our room-ready text.


Our room was ready by about 3:45, unusually late in our experience! We were so excited to see the renovations. I personally miss the carpeted floors. The new floors don't *seem* as clean, and definitely made our socks dirty. The queen beds were very nice though! Even with four adult ladies in the room, we didn't feel too cramped with the bathroom space, either. We are all pretty low-maintenance on vacation!


After we spent some time unpacking and relaxing in the room, we decided to head to DS for dinner. Here is where our weather troubles began. When we arrived earlier in the day, the temperature was pleasant. I even had on shorts. It looked like the temp was going to drop a little as it got dark (of course), but I thought, hey, it's still Florida. I didn't bring a jacket with me, but just wore a long sleeved t-shirt and leggings- clothing mistake #1 of this trip. Anyway, we were all quite uncomfortable later!

We arrived at DS and were greeted with this beautiful sight!

IMG_8354 copy.jpg

I love Disney at Christmas. The crowds, not so much, but the decorations are wonderful! We wandered around a bit, starting to get cold, and found somewhere to eat. DS was VERY crowded on this night. Most restaurants had long waits or no reservations availiable. We hopped in line and waited about 30 minutes to get in here:


It was delicious! I had been wanting to try it for a long time, and it was well worth it. Since it was so cold outside and we were very underprepared, we scoped out a table indoors and ended up at the high top section looking out the windows.

After our bellies were full, we wanted to try to find some better sweatshirts. On to World of Disney we went, and wow was it crowded. We wandered around and searched for warmer clothes the best we could, but we didn't have much luck. P ended up with a sweatshirt and S got a mug, but the rest of us couldn't find anything we just loved. Freezing our way to the bus stop back to Pop it was!


We arrived back to Pop and got to bed pretty quickly. We had an exciting day planned for tomorrow!


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Day 2: November 25th- A Day in Hollywood

We had early plans this morning! Unfortunately, we were just about a week and a half shy of ROR opening, so no stress of getting a boarding group for us! HS had EMH from 7-8 on this day. Our goal was to be there by about 7:30 and head straight to TSM because that was a ride that P could do and we wanted to start with something all together!

Our alarms went off at 6:15 and we were out the door by 7:20. I had some muffins for breakfast, but nobody else ate because we had a date at Oga's soon.


We were SO excited to try the Skyliner! I am not a big fan of heights, so I was bit nervous. We encountered no other people on our way over (Shirley Status, @Tuvalu ?) ;)



Since it was so early in the day, nobody else was even in line. We got a cabin all to ourselves. My opinion, this is a *very* efficient mode of transportation. The "take off" and "landing" are a little terrifying at first, but we could not have arrived at HS any quicker. We left our room at Pop at 7:20, and we were getting off the Skyliner at HS by 7:34! I was very impressed.


AH, how wonderful it was to be back in Disney! As you can see from the photo, HS was not extremely crowded. Bag check didn't take long, and it was still EMH so the public wasn't allowed in yet. We considered stopping in Starbucks, but the wait for TSM was short so we headed that way instead.


RIP GMR- I have seen video of MMRR and it looks awesome, but it always makes me sad to lose a classic!


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Woody was in his Christmas best! The scarf was appropriate- it was a chilly morning. We were hopeful it would warm up later, but despite our leggings and sweatshirts, we were cold. 🥶

IMG_8364 copy.jpg

I just love the Disney touches! *Obligatory photo of extreme Disney theming* 😉 As a kid, it was the stuff like this that really made Disney special. We grew up near a Six Flags, but even as a child I knew Disney was in another league. It can't be beat!


The wait for TSM was listed as 35, I think we waited about 25. We broke out our Heads Up app while we waited. It would be the first of many Heads Up battles of the trip! We made it on the ride and I rode with P, and SB rode with S. None of us are very talented at shooting games, but I bet you can guess which score is mine... 😎


GREEN! Winner, winner. I could do better if it didn't cause me such arm pain 😅

Next, we headed over to A.S.S. because the wait on the app was only 15 minutes. Right when we arrived, the wait jumped to 45 and the CM told us that one side was down, so we decided against it. Our Oga's reservation was quickly approaching. Instead, we had a bathroom break and headed to SWGE!


It was about 8:30 by now, and we were pleased with the crowd level in GE. Now, I am not a huge SW fan. I haven't seen all of the movies, although I have seen all of the recent ones. But let me tell you, this land is SO well done. I watched videos of others before we went, and they all said it literally felt like another planet. I thought, yeah OK. It really is great though, and I didn't even understand half of what was going on!

(No Rise... 😢)

IMG_8370 copy.jpg

But, we did run into CHEWY! We spent the next half hour wandering (FREEZING) around. I even went inside the restroom to warm up for a bit- and I am not a big fan of public restrooms. I am an in and out kind of gal (the GE restrooms in the marketplace area are very cool looking though!)


S had a fascination with taking many photos of lights on this trip. There are many more to come :cold:


Up Next... Oga's Cantina for Breakfast! Did we get a booth? 🧐


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It took us a minute to find Oga’s. None of us had the map pulled up in the app, but we were content with wandering until we found it. We checked in for our 9:00 reservation and waited outside for about 5 minutes. And then... we were pleasantly surprised to get a booth! We were sharing with another family of 3, but we were just thankful to be able to enjoy our drinks seated.


It was only 9:00, so we steered clear of the alcohol, plus with P being pregnant we didn’t want to leave her out. S and SB both got a cappuccino, P got a Hyperdrive (I think) and I got a Carbon Freeze. For food, we split two Mustafarian Cinnamon Rolls.


The cappuccinos. SB sent me this about hers: “It tasted like black coffee but it had the classic cappuccino foam. If you’re a coffee lover you would like it, but if not, go for a different coffee or something different altogether.” There you have it, folks.


The Hyperdrive


The Carbon Freeze- this was really enjoyable. Refreshing and tasty, and we were entertained by all the fizzing.


The cinnamon rolls- these were not the best. They would have been way better without the red sauce on top. It was very strange!

After breakfast, we explored some more. I promised you more light photos (thanks, S! 😅)


6535D6FE-8EB5-4287-BB68-732286F1CC19.jpegAnd, of course the Millennium Falcon 😍


After our cold exploring ( 🥶) we headed to our first FP of the day, ST. P couldn’t ride this one so she explored the gift shop while we rode. She ended up purchasing a mug for her husband, which we had sent back to the resort.


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After ST, we checked the wait times and could tell it would be a *very* crowded day. We stopped for waters from the Backlot Express, and decided to head to FEA since P had never seen it before. We jumped in standby and had the pleasure of talking to a very friendly CM.

FEA has a holiday version- who knew? (We prefer the original 😉)

After FEA, it was time for our lunch ADR at 50’s Prime Time. SB and I ate here on our trip last June and LOVED it. It has now become a staple for us. We were starving, so no pictures, sorry! We all got the sampler platter it was delicious.

Looking at the wait times, we decided we didn’t have time for much before our ToT FP. We snuck in to the BatB show right before it began.


Then we DROPPED in...


P again couldn’t do this one. She went through the queue with us though, and we saw another pregnant lady who did ride! No thanks.

Shockingly, we were hungry again. Let’s just blame it on the baby 😉. We stopped and got ice cream at the cart on the corner of RnRC and ToT.


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After our ice cream snack, S and SB considered doing single rider for RnRC but the wait was too long. Instead, we did something that none of us had done before: Lightning McQueen Racing Academy!


We went in with pretty low expectations, but this was a cute little show. The AA was excellent.

P wanted to go meet some characters in the Launch Bay next, so we went that way and waited to meet Chewbacca and Darth Vader.

In a Star Wars mood, we all wanted to go back to GE for some shopping and dinner. P was on the hunt for a Star awards souvenir for baby. She found a cute little store in the marketplace area and purchased little Chewbacca and Princess Leia stuffed toys.


We made a visit to the cool restrooms again, took a look at the dinner options in GE and nothing seemed appealing to us. So... we took a detour!


The wait was finally down for A.S.S. so we hopped in line. We enjoyed playing Heads Up with a family behind us who were from New Orleans.

We were starving by this point, and underwhelmed by our options for dinner. We opted for the Backlot Express because it wasn’t very crowded. I’m not sure what we all got and again got no food pictures since we pretty much inhaled our food. I *think* I got either a burger or chicken sandwich.


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After our bellies were full we headed toward our final destination for the evening: Fantasmic! I had gotten an FP for this, because at this time there really weren’t any other tier 2 ones we were interested in.

On the way there, we enjoyed the Christmas decorations...


...and watched the Christmas projections on the ToT!


We got to Fantasmic early and scored really good spots. We love to sit down lower for this show. It’s one of my favorites on property! We spent our time relaxing and taking in the scenery. It was a great first full day at Disney!


After the show, we headed to the front of the park. I was still freeeeezing, so I went in some stores looking for a jacket or hoodie. After MUCH deliberation (😅) I went with a jacket. I put it on straight away, and we headed to the Skyliner.

EXCEPT... due to the time we spent in the store, the Skyliner was already closed. This was a real bummer! We begrudgingly walked to the busses. I was very thankful for my jacket!

Eventually we got a bus back to Pop and were fast asleep very quickly. We had another big day tomorrow!


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Day 3: Magic Kingdom- November 26

When planning this trip, I had built in some rest time each day, more for P’s benefit than anyone else’s. We usually go pretty hard at Disney, park open to park close, but I was actually pretty excited to have some resort time too. Yesterday at HS, we didn’t use any of the rest time and stayed in the park all day because P felt fine. Today we had plans in the MK. Would we leave and take a break today? We shall soon find out!

The day began with a reasonable alarm at 7:00. The goal was to be in the park before rope drop (at 9:00). We got ready, had some breakfast in the room, and were on our way in what I thought was plenty of time....

Or so we thought! THIS was the bus line for MK. I suggested getting a MinnieVan or Uber, but nobody jumped on the opportunity. :rolleyes: So instead, we waited. And waited. And waited. It took 3 buses (2 of them double) before we were able to board. So much for arriving before rope drop!

We arrived by 9:15. Shockingly, the security lines weren’t that horrible Castle and Christmas decoration pictures were of course in order!

I couldn’t leave out my man Casey!


Afterwards, we headed to Adventureland. We seem to have a lot of luck getting many rides accomplished when we begin on this side. We hoped to ride Jingle Cruise first, but the wait was already up to 75 minutes. NOPE.

PoC (with a much more reasonable 10 minute wait) it is! This is one of my favorites. 😄 It was pretty much a walk on.

We wandered over to Splash next. Are we crazy enough to ride this in the freezing morning air?


YEP. P of course couldn’t ride, so she took this awesome picture of us from the bridge going down the hill!

I had hoped to hit one of my personal favorites, BTMR next but... a 60 minute wait was a no go for now. Instead, on to another favorite! HM! 👻


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After we met with our ghost host, we needed a mid-morning pick me up. It was too early for lunch, and oddly it seemed like every cart we walked by was closed. We ended up in Pinocchio Village Haus. They weren’t quite open yet, but we waited outside until they let us in. Thankfully, today was much warmer outside than yesterday. We weren’t freezing all the time finally!

We shared two orders of fries (❤ Disney fries) and two orders of breadsticks. These were really good! We watched people on the happiest cruise that ever sailed while we ate.


There were grand plans after this to ride some things in Fantasyland, but many of the wait times were over 100 minutes! In an effort to avoid the lines...


Country Bears it is! We also met some bears outside the show.

After the show we headed back to Fantasyland to our first FP: Peter Pan! We don’t typically get an FP for this, but I tried to get at least one FP per day that P would be able to do.

Next up was another Fantasyland Fav- the Carousel. The crowds were pretty extreme at this point. We decided to take a break and head to our lunch ADR a bit early. Our reservation at The Plaza was for 1:40 and we arrived around 1:20. We waited around 35 minutes to be seated. The FoF parade began as we were heading to our table.

The Plaza has always been a favorite of ours, but this time the food and service was just a little sub-par. I had a hair in my food (Plaza Club) and our waitress was slowww. We never could even get seconds on our unlimited milkshakes. This place seems to be on a decline. We will probably skip it next time. 🤷‍♀️

(Sorry for the lack of pictures. We were getting a bit lazy with our picture taking.)


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After lunch, we had an FP in Tomorrowland. It wasn’t quite time so we took a spin on a true classic: the CoP. While this is in need of a good refurb, I love it because it is one of the few attractions still around that Walt had a hand in. (And it’s a *great* nap spot. 😉)

It was time for our FP after this: SM! P waited for us near the exit, or so we thought. We couldn’t find her at first! She has gone to get some waters for us.


We needed a break from the crowds, so we headed to another one of my favorites: PeopleMover! We waited about 30 minutes 😫 to board. Once we were ok though, it was a lovely ride.

Obligatory Tron Construction.

We asked to go another round at the end, and the CM let us! Woohoo!

We didn’t feel like pushing our luck, so we got off after our second round. Wanting another snack, we found some coke slushees! These were very good. The pop rocks straw made it great!


We sipped our drinks as we waited for our turn to enter Monstropolis, via the Laugh Floor of course. As usual, we sent in our jokes but they weren’t chosen 😢. Oh well. P had never seen this, and she loved it!


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Day 3 Continued

After the laugh floor, we got some more pictures in front of the castle. (I never asked P and S for their permission to post their faces, so that’s why there aren’t any face pictures in this report!) We were a bit at a loss as to what to do next. It was too late to return to the resort for a break. I was a little disappointed by this. Instead of a resort break, we found ourselves back behind the castle in Fantasyland.

We wandered around the little Pooh gift shop a bit, looking for cute baby stuff. Then we just sat down and watched the castle light up for the evening from the backside. We also got on the same page for what we all wanted for dinner.
Before dinner though, it was time for our last scheduled FP: SDMT. This was for 6:30. At the time, I was disappointed that it was so late in the day. It ended up working out fine though! As soon as we scanned our bands, I went on the hunt for another FP. Did I get one?


Yep! But not for SW. We rode SW next, but the FP was for the Little Mermaid ride. The timing was great and we headed to LM right after SW.

Again as soon as we scanned our bands, I checked for more FPs. We hadn’t done JC yet, and to my surprise I was able to get an FP for later.

We went to eat dinner next at an old favorite: Columbia Harbor House. This time the menu has some different things. We all got the grilled shrimp skewers meal. This was very good, especially for a QS. We were able to snag a big table upstairs where it was nice and quiet.

After dinner we took a spin on the Teacups.


(Without the extra spinning 😉)

We looked at the time and decided it was time to go get a good spot for HEA (my favorite show 😍). P had never seen this so we were excited to experience her first time with her. We got a good spot near the hub and sat down to wait.


HEA was wonderful and magical as usual. 💚

We did some Main Street shopping after the show. It was quite a challenge to get the the Emporium though from where we had watched the show. Everybody looked around. I can’t remember what everyone got, but I know that SB bought my Christmas present here. It was a Lion King Alex & Ani bracelet!

We went to our JC FP next. It was late. We were one of the last boats of the evening. Our skipper was very good despite the late hour and told some jokes I hadn’t heard before.

After JC, we decided to head out and catch a bus back to Pop. I fell asleep on the bus back 😅. We quickly showered and went to sleep. Tomorrow was Epcot day (with another MK visit)!


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Day 4: Epcot & MK: November 27

We were a little more tired this morning. (Well, I was 😂) but we wanted to make it to Epcot early so we could rope drop FEA. P had never ridden it and our Tier 1 FP was for Soarin’. We were up by 7:30, had some muffins in the room and got ready quickly. S stopped for coffee in the food court, then we headed to Epcot via the Skyliner.

I know I’ve already raved about the Skyliner, but I really did think it was great. We were at Epcot so quickly. It was enjoyable to get to see a bit of the Riviera station as well.


It was definitely not very crowded at the International Gateway, and security is much more pleasant to go through than at the front We were met with a bit of disappointment though- FEA was down. 😫 Oh well. We headed to visit our pal Figment instead, which was a walk on.

Here are some pictures I took walking to Figment...


Epcot Ball...or Wall...

After Figment we needed a quick restroom break thanks to S’s morning coffee. The construction was just beginning at this time, but it was still a bit challenging to find a restroom. We went to visit Nemo and friends next.


The aquarium was bustling with activity so early in the morning! All of the animals were very active. We spent a long time watching the dolphins and the manatees. There were also some divers in the big tank!



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Side note- this day was the day I wore my new pin ears! Since I’m not posting face photos this time, here is a picture of them from before the trip. They are the ones on the top. I ordered all 3 of these off of Etsy. I LOVED the pin ones, because I have been collecting Disney pins since I was little. The pins can go on the front and the back. My only complaint is I couldn’t wear them the whole day because after a while, they got a little heavy. We also ordered P a pair for this trip. All 4 of us had a Toy Story themed pair! My Woody ones are in this photo, S had Buzz, SB had Jessie, and P had Bo Peep.


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Day 4 Continued...

We navigated over to The Land after Nemo. P enjoyed looking at the different types of strollers in the stroller jungle on the way there. She was trying to decide what kind to get for baby at the time! We had some FP’s coming up in the Land, but it wasn’t quite time yet.


Snack Time! Even though it was relatively early, we needed something sweet. I had never gotten anything from Sunshine Seasons before (shockingly) so I was excited to try a new snack.

I got the Red Velvet Whoopie Pie. SO. GOOD. Possibly my favorite snack of the whole trip.

S got the Oreo Chocolate Mousse (I’m pretty sure). She liked hers too! Of course, anything Mickey shaped has to be good. 😉

SB and P both got a special Thanksgiving cupcake. It looked super cute, but this was NOT good. They both really didn’t like it. It has some very strange flavorings going on, pretty much like they tried to make Thanksgiving dinner into a cupcake. 😳

Another light/ceiling picture from S
After our snacks, it was time for our first FP of the day, Soarin’! We got through the like quickly, and I sweetly asked the CM at the end if we could wait until the next load and have Concourse B, Row 1. They didn’t mind at all. It was a little creepy waiting down by the concourses though once the other group loaded. Eerily quiet!

After our flight, we had another FP immediately after for LWtL. We were thrilled to get the front row of the boat! It is very nice not to have any heads blocking the view. We thought the Christmas decorations were cute. I had hoped to ride this again at night to see the lights better, but that just wasn’t in the cards for us this trip.


Our time in The Land had come to a close, but we were on our way to our next FP! (I was happy to be able to get all 3 pre-booked FP’s back to back this day 💁‍♀️)
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