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Issues with tickets


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I really think I'm out of luck. Or at least out of money. My mom was going to join us for few days on our trip to Disney. So I picked her up some tickets and added her onto the restaurants. Yesterday she changed her mind and now she wants to stay the whole time. So I called guest services to try to get her added to the room for the entire time and they did it. They informed me that I needed to talk to ticketing about getting the amount paid on the tickets added to the rooms balance. That is where I've been stopped.

Could not get through yesterday until evening and then they left me on hold past closing time so nobody could help me. Today, I've been on hold now for 3 hrs and I'm going to have to hang up. I'm afraid that by added her to the room might get my entire vacation cancelled. I don't have the money to pay the difference. I doubt I'll be able to get ahold of anyone to get her removed and just add the remaining tickets to just cover the park days. It's only 90 more as opposed to the 900 I'm currently looking at.

I had all our stuff paid for and ready to go and then I went and messed it all up. I had no idea about the Boo event. I'm new to Disney.


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Call Disney and explain that you have been on hold forever and nobody answers to help you...trust me they will find someway to help you if you say you will have to cancel...THEY WANT YOUR MONEY!

HOTELS- 407-939-1936 OR 407-939-2273
TICKETS- 407-566-4985
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So you purchased your ticket for your Mom separate from your hotel booking? Was it purchased directly from Disney?

And I presume your hotel booking was a package reservation that you're now adding her to which requires her to have the same tickets as you?

I've never heard of Disney applying the value of a purchased ticket to a package reservation before (though I suppose it's possible). If my assumptions above are correct, and you purchased her original ticket directly from Disney, the most likely path is that someone in Ticketing Services could cancel and issue a refund on the first ticket. You'd then still have to pay the increased amount on your package reservation.

The number I have for the Ticketing Office is (407) 939-7523. You could also call the WDW Main Switchboard at (407) 824-2222 and ask to be connected to the Ticket Office that handles problems with tickets. (Just be aware, that office runs closer to your typical 9-5 office hours)

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I did finally manage to get through. They refunded the cost of the ticket and that's fine. I don't mind paying the difference myself.

They really need to setup a separate area for those calling about events.
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