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Is this realistic?


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In September I will be rope-dropping Epcot and then hoping to HS. My plan is to first book an ILL for GOTG THEN attempt to get a virtual queue. After that, I hope to purchase an ILL for ROTR and then reserve a G+ for SDD. Is this a realistic plan or a pipe dream? Should I book these in a different order? I'm a Disney vet but have not been since April 2018. TIA!!


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Is there anyone else who can log in and help book? You can have more than one person logged into the same account.

Ideally have one person on the DHS booking and one on Epcot.

My first reaction is to reverse your order in each park. Slinky is probably the hardest one of all of them to get. Do that and then Rise. ILLs for Guardians don’t run out instantly and you have time to try for the VQ and then buy an ILL.
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I agree with nickys. You'll be much better off if you can get multiple people booking. The order should be Slinky, Rise, Guardians VQ, Guardians ILL. It's going to put a lot of stress on you that morning. It's going to be very hard to get the timing to work out. Slinky will be gone in seconds. Guardians VQ will probably be later in the day than you want if you're rope dropping Epcot. Are you locked into Epcot then HS because it would be easier to rope drop HS and head to Slinky or Rise?
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Definitely have two people. Do you use an Android or iPhone phone? Because , in December, the app was very glitchy on my Android and wouldn't let me purchase any ILL reservations for the entirety of our trip. But it worked perfectly on my husband's iPhone. I was still able to make the reservations I wanted but in the 5 minutes it took to change phones, my ROTR return time changed from early morning to past 6pm.
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