is there bus parking at hotel


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this is an odd question but my friend has there own bus and we are driving down to disney.....i was just wondering if there is parking for busses at the hotels


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I guess it really doesn’t matter what type of bus. I do not recall any dedicated parking for busses at any of the hotels we have stayed at. The parking areas of deluxe hotels are actually the smallest and most compact in my opinion. DVC lots especially at OKW and Saratoga are rather small as well. While there are larger lots at the moderate and value resorts, I do not recall dedicated areas but I suppose you could take up several spots. Fort Wilderness has large parking spots made for motor homes and trailers at the entrance. Probably something you should check with the Disney prior to arriving.


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To add on to @plutofan15, we take our 25’ RV and sometimes do split stays. The parking areas at POFQ and POR will easily handle a bus. We’ve seen large Class A motorhomes there. The Deluxe resorts like WL, GF, Contemporary, have much smaller parking areas. If you do decide to take the bus, probably a good idea to consider a moderate or value resort.

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Typically large vehicles are to be parked at the rear of parking lots if there isn't a "designated" large vehicle lot. Ask the Security CM at the gate when you arrive. They might call the Resort leader for recommendation/preference from Resort leaders.

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