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Is there any way to guarantee you'll be messed with at 50's Prime Time Cafe?

One Lil Spark

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Hi all!

I was wondering if there is any possible way to guarantee a good time at 50s Prime Time Cafe? My first time dining there with my family was amazing. I was put in the corner, walked to the bathroom by my 'Cousin' to wash my hands, force fed my green beans, etc. We LOVED it! Ever since then, none of our 'Cousins' have really been in character. :(

My fiance has never been to DHS and knows nothing about the dining options. I was thinking as a surprise to mess with him I'd get ADRs for 50s over Sci-Fi. We'll be putting on our ADRs it's our Honeymoon trip.

Do you know of any way to guarantee we'll have the full experience or just putting it's our Honeymoon is sufficient?

Thanks in advance! :wave:


It's going to be one of those things where someone who wants to get the full experience doesn't get it, and someone who wants a quiet dinner is going to be bombarded.

I think it's really a case of hoping you get a CM who's into it. Good luck!!


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Just about any time I have worn my Superman T-shirt, I've gotten "messed with". Anyting you can do to call attention to yourself really.

I've never had a bad experience, really. Everyone we've ever had has tested the waters to see what we were comfortable with.

If you really want to get a hard time, I think you pretty much have to escalate things yourself. Otherwise, they are usually too worried about pushing too far. Remember, they want a tip at the end of the meal. You have to give them permission if you want it to get big.


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My son sat down, put his elbows on the table and rested his head on his hands then got a good talking to by our cast member/waitress, he then had to get up and recite his ABC’s.


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I have now eating at 50's Prime Time 5 times. 2 times we had a really good in character waiter.

The thing is you either get ripped good, or you really get a few side comments. Nothing is ever mild. You're best bet I would say go in an hour early and ask the host if you can be seated in a section of someone who really gets into their role. Heck go in on time for your ADR and tell them you're willing to wait.


You might have your fiance wear a "1st trip" button -- technically, it will be his first trip to the studios, so I think that counts. Like others have said, you have to stand out a bit, I think, to get the full experience.

We went a few months ago on my son's birthday and he wore a felt birthday cake hat with candles in it and he got the royal treatment -- had to stand with his nose to the wall and clear our table. It was hilarious.

I might even go so far as to mention that it's your fiance's first time at 50s when you check in (make sure he's not around to overhear). The host/ess might be able to put the word in or get you seated with a "good" server. good luck!

edit: blackthidot beat me to it! -- what he said ^^^.


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Wear a shirt from Universal Studios, it might get you lots of attention! DH had on a Grumpy football jersey and I was asked "why'd you have to bring Grumpy?" :ROFLOL:


When she gets her food just tell the waitress that your girl says it sucks then wink at the waitress/waiter, they will get your drift:lol:

Master Yoda

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The only way I know to do it is a rather brute force non-magical way. When you are checking in let the hostess know that you want the full treatment and you do not mind having to wait a little longer to get sat with the right cousin.


Active Member
Sass the server in a respectful, fun manner. I'm not saying outright insult them. But if you sass then, they'll push back. That's a surefire way to get noticed.

I'm more of an "under the radar" guy myself. Politeness and I eat everything on the plate!


Well-Known Member
Both times we have had fun servers. The first time it was hot!! I think I asked for a third drink refill and he yelled a mom to get out the rubber sheets. The next time dd gave her dad her cooked greens. The "babysitter" fed her a giant fork full while the whole room made the airplane noise.


Well-Known Member
We had a great time the last time we ate at the 50's Prime Time Cafe, but then again my family is all good sports and I guess we just give off that easy pickings vibe. Joke around with your "cousin" and be a tattletale if someone else in your party is sitting with their elbows on the table. It also helps if you have someone like my Dad who gulps down sodas faster than you can put them in front of him. If I remember correctly our server came back with a HUGE styrofoam to go cup for him. My sister also tried to "kiss up" by drawing our server a picture on her menu. (She was 16 at the time lol) Just have fun...Most of the servers feed off the attitude that you are giving off.


New Member
let out a burp

wear a hat

elbows on the table

don't set the table

put your head on the table

ask to borrow something from another table when the cast member is right in front of you

dont finish your veggies

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