Is there any rides you've never been on and never want to go on?

I have done everything but I won't do these again:
  • Tower of Terror (makes me ill)
  • Haunted Mansion (I'm odd I know. I really don't like it)
  • Tea Cups :depressed:
  • Everest (Hurts my neck)
  • Mission Space Orange (Green's okay)


Well, let's see here... ( I know I'll miss something)
MK- Splash Mountain (I know, I Know...but I hate drops! I was actually in line once when it shut down..whew!)
Epcot- MS orange (I like green, but it even freaks me out a little)
HS- Tot (again with the drops)
American Idol (I have never even seen the tv show)
The Disney Jr stuff
DAK- Everest- (sigh...drops....)
By the way, I did ride Rockin Roller Coaster twice, on two different trips. I figured since it didn't drop, I would be ok. Nope. Got sick as a dog twice. No more for me, please!


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Well, let's see here... ( I know I'll miss something)
MK- Splash Mountain (I know, I Know...but I hate drops! I was actually in line once when it shut down..whew!)

It's not as bad as you might think looking at the drop from the bridge area, and it doesn't go upside down like Rockin'!


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The Teacups, Mission Space, Everest and Rockin Roller Coaster. The very thought of spinning round and round makes me nauseous and the feeing of being trapped in shoulder restraints is unsettling.


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Teacups, Dumbo, Magic Carpets

I'm interested in Mission Space - can someone describe the spinning aspect and how long it lasts, how intense it is? I will endure some spinning if the ride is worth it, but if it's like one of those "hell hole" type rides where you're spinning pretty high speed for minutes, I might skip it or do the side that doesn't spin.

I've been on the Rotor, a ride that spins very fast and sucks you to the wall as the floor drops out. Mission Space never felt that intense. If it was, it only lasted a few seconds anyway.


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I agree, ToT and Rockin' Roller Coaster. I have a fear of heights and loops, so I don't do them. Maybe that's why HS is my least favorite park- I won't do 2 of the 3 headliners lol!

I've never done American Idol because the show itself is so horrible, I don't want to waste my time with a show about a horrible show.

I'd try Rockin' Coaster at least once :). It's in the dark so the height won't bother you, and whether you are upside down or not will be over before you know it since you can't see it coming. ;)

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No, but theres several attractions Ive been on/seen and will never repeat. You should try everything at least once before you dismiss it. If I hadnt I would have never come to enjoy the delights of the Cave de Tequila, though the current Mrs Sak may say that would have been a good thang.


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teacups as well for me...but i would also like to try the orange ticket mission space. also, believe it or not with all the times ive been there i have yet to enter the tiki room.
Yes, I am not the only one! And I do feel very guilty about it :banghead:


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:eek: Nopenopenopenopetynopeno.
I can't believe people haven't been on the Tea Cups..that was my favorite ride as a child! Maybe I'll go on it this year..I haven't been on it in ages. :confused:
EDIT: Oh yeah, forgot to add in a few.
Circle of Life, Triceratop Spin (I prefer Magic Carpets.), Nemo-the musical (Doing it this year! :joyfull:) Hall of Presidents.
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