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Is the most beautiful park in the world a Disney park in your opinion?

Big Phil

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I hear a lot about how lovely and clean and aesthetically beautiful Busch Gardens Williamsburg is all of the time. Well themed, well manicured, etc. Often this is considered the most "beautiful theme park" in the world. I haven't been yet, so I can't judge for myself, but I know others have. For me I have to say that the Magic Kingdom is the most beautiful park I have been to. Between the lagoon in front of the entrance to Main Street to the Castle and etc. It is a bit more spacious that Disneyland which makes it a little more beautiful in my mind. Epcot could be a close second with all of the theming with the countries and such. I know Tokyo Disneyland gets a lot of love this way too.

What is your choice?

Think Tink

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I grew up with Cedar Point and Kings Island, they are classic parks but Epcot to me is jaw dropping. The moment I see Spaceship Earth my heart is so happy. I also just love walking around the World Showcase. It’s really relaxing and takes a completely different vibe than any park I’ve been in.


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I grew up with Cedar Point and Kings Island, they are classic parks but Epcot to me is jaw dropping. The moment I see Spaceship Earth my heart is so happy. I also just love walking around the World Showcase. It’s really relaxing and takes a completely different vibe than any park I’ve been in.
Roy Disney helped design kings island. That’s why it has a very familiar entrance like Disney parks.
Kings Island. Is my favourite non Disney park.

Minnesota disney fan

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Animal Kingdom, hands down, for me!
I love the winding paths, tropical feeling, and different areas of Africa. I also like the animals too (except for those scary gorillas:) LOL
I get a happy feeling whenever we go there, but I'm an outside kind of girl myself 🐱


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I grew up with Kings Island season passes. It was very well done for that time and place. I still miss their monorail ride through the zoo-type area. It probably didn't have the detail that Disney would put into the concept, but the idea was right up Disney's alley. I am heading to Busch Gardens Williamsburg tomorrow. The theming and detailed execution there is very good, and the park can be relaxing in a way that is hard to find at Disney (due to the more consistent/higher crowds at Disney). That said, Disney's attention to detail can't be beat. I think the most scenic park is Animal Kingdom. So many listed that I haven't been to though.
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Club Cooloholic

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Personally, I love Central Park. But, I think you are talking theme parks. I havent been to enough to say, they all hold charms, but I might lean towards Disneyland. Animal Kingdom also impresses me too.


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i don’t know. there are a lot of beautiful parks and they all have different great things about them. tokyo disneysea, and phantasialand are probably the best for obvious reasons. disneyland paris is the most beautiful castle park in the world, animal kingdom, disneyland, cedar point. seaworld san diego, honestly every park has their own beauty in their own way tbh. but yes i agree that BGW deserves to be up there!


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Living about an hour away from Cedar Point I agree that at night, the park gives me goosebumps. Just seeing the towering coasters and flashing lights across the Lake Erie bay on a warm, breezy night just gives you this epic feeling in your stomach. During the day however, the place is a hot concrete jungle! My other picks go to Magic Kingdom and Disneyland at night, Epcot, and DisneySea.


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The Magic Kingdom. I never get sick of it and as soon as we get back to the room I just go sit on the balcony and look at it some more. It just "is" Disneyworld to me. I can say for sure that we wouldn't be DVC members if not for the Magic Kingdom and honestly I'd say there'd be no DVC if there was no Magic Kingdom. That's why it's so special to me. Went there all my life. I'm 37 now and if I'm still around at 67 I'll still be going there and 77 and so on. I'm kinda curious about all those saying AK or Epcot if they never got to go to Disneyworld when it was just MK and Epcot. Not that I don't love all the parks because obviously I do but I'm just curious if they never saw Disneyworld in it's original state and if maybe the reason why I'm so partial to the MK boils down to my nostalgia making me biased.


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Haven't been to the Japan parks, so can't comment there.

Of the Disney parks I have been to, Disneyland Paris beats out the US parks, rather easily. Just an absolutely gorgeous, beautiful park.
I'd put Busch Gardens Williamsburg just a notch above the US Disney parks as well just for simple beauty. If you've never been there, it's absolutely worth a trip. It's the prettiest park in the US I've been to, and I've been to just over 80 by my count..

Others I'd put in a top list- Silver Dollar City, Dollywood, Busch Gardens Tampa, Magic Kingdom, Disneyland, Animal Kingdom, and for pure nostalgia the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.


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My experience with amusement/theme parks is limited, but I would say Magic Kingdom. I went to Uni in Orlando 22 years ago, and we have an amusement park here in the Toronto area called Canada's Wonderland, owned by Cedar Fair, which is a nice place with a huge mountain and waterfall as the centerpiece, but MK, or any park at WDW for that matter, will always beat it hands down.


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So many people see the WDW parks through rose colored glasses...that, or they just haven’t been to many parks. While Animal Kingdom is pretty, the other three pale compared to so many other parks around the world.

The most beautiful castle style park is definitely Disneyland Paris. Hands down the most beautiful.

That being said, I think the nod for most beautiful has to go to DisneySea, Efteling, or Busch Gardens Williamsburg. They’re all so gorgeous and make the WDW parks look simply ‘nice.’
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